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Northerners and the power became co-authors

In Murmansk area preparation of the regional National program comes to the end. Thoughts, ideas, hopes of inhabitants of almost all cities and settlements of our region become its basis. Citizens for the first time have called in co-authors of the document which the next five years becomes strategy of development of all settlements of Murmansk area. Offers « from below » has collected the Popular front. To realise them « above » the party « undertakes; an United Russia ».

the Popular front has been created at the initiative of the chairman « an United Russia » Vladimir Putin. In Murmansk area into this coalition have entered more than 80 large public associations and labour collectives. On all country the Popular front has united millions people and has started formation of the National program - at first at federal level.

are there were hundreds meetings, hundreds questions, disputes, but it is live and necessary work for people, - the co-ordinator of regional Coordination council of the Popular front Alexander Krupaderov speaks.

the Federal National program is already published. Following the results of discussions only from inhabitants of Murmansk area has arrived more than 2 thousand offers that it is necessary to change in the country. Many of them are considered. So, murmanchane « were knocked » with idea to equip with the modern equipment all school sports halls. At congress « an United Russia » Vladimir Putin declared that it will be made within three years, by 2014 when Russia will accept the Olympic games.

the Problem of shortage of doctors most sharply also has been designated by inhabitants of our region. As a result the National program included point - to increase advancing rates the salary of doctors and medical staff. And for support of rural medicine the decision is already accepted to allocate on one million roubles of elevating subjects young doctors who will go to work in village (at the initiative of the chairman « an United Russia » Vladimir Putin necessary money is already put in the federal budget).

preparation of the regional National program which also is written taking into account ideas of citizens Now comes to the end.

the Regional stage started in the beginning of October and has received the name « Here that is important! ». Thousand people have responded and have told what important to make in their court yard, cities, settlements. More than 9 thousand initiatives volunteers of the Popular front who interrogated people on houses and apartments have collected. More than 4 thousand calls have arrived on telephone « a hot line ». The coin box of national offers replenished every day.

What problems stir people most of all? On the first place - bad roads. Where - that needs to be asphalted them (about it inhabitants of Alakurtti, Korzunovo and other settlements) and where - that - to repair, and capitally (informed inhabitants of Apatity, Kovdora and other cities) spoke. Categorically does not arrange citizens and a situation in housing and communal services. Many censures have arrived on deterioration of municipal networks (Kirovsk, Pechenga, Revda), disturbs people and an available housing status. For example, in Olenegorske major repairs are necessary to houses, and in Murmansk it is necessary to take down « pieces of wood ».

Urgent major repairs, according to citizens, the building of municipal buildings of culture and libraries demand also. To Entre Rios, Kovdore people asked to repair Recreation centres, in Revda - the central city library, in Umbe - supported repair and re-equipment of culture establishments. To finish a park accomplishment, and also to solve a question with a city bath inhabitants of Kirovsk have demanded.

Was much and purely household offers, but from that not less important. After all the civic stand starts to be formed with such, apparently, small offers to the authorities. So, for example, inhabitants of Zaozerska, Kandalaksha, Pechengi, other settlements said that for a long time it is time to organise normal cleaning of garbage in their territories. To put in order street illumination inhabitants of Nickel have asked.

people and shortage of places in kindergartens Are disturbed. Judging by quantity of references, this question sharply costs in the majority of territories of our region. Practically everywhere citizens and quality of medicine are dissatisfied. Among national orders - repair of polyclinics (Kola, Lovozero, etc.), building of ambulance stations and feldshersko - akusherskih points (Teriberka, Kilpjavr, Ur - the Lip, Minkino), equipment by the modern medical equipment (Severomorsk, etc.).

It only a part of offers of inhabitants of our region. As a whole, they where more objectively, than reports of some officials, reflect a problem field of each city and settlement. We will add that all civil initiatives collected in concrete territory, were discussed at district forums with participation of the most active citizens and deputies - « United Russia party members ».

Today all offers are shown in uniform base. Experts and representatives of different branches (the industry, social sphere, etc.) Study ways of realisation of these ideas and, actually, form the National program of Murmansk area. Its preparation is close to end. To confirm it it is supposed at the big regional forum of participants of formation of the National program. It will pass in Murmansk.

the party « becomes the Guarantor of realisation of national offers; an United Russia » taken them as a principle the electoral programme.


- Many inhabitants of Murmansk area are disturbed by that there are no high-grade conditions for youth leisure, - the prize-winner of the Olympic games, the trainer - the teacher on track and field athletics Larissa Kru - glova speaks. - People called on « a hot line » the Popular front also spoke: there are no basketball platforms, hockey courts in court yard. The basic decision is already accepted - practically in each city and settlement of Murmansk area the quantity of domestic athletic fields will be increased. Besides, « an United Russia » will make all necessary for building in region of covered skating rinks, pools, the big sport centres.



- to Hear people, to work for people is main inquiry of a society as which we feel, - Dmitry Dmitrienko speaks. - For this reason « an United Russia » goes on elections hand in hand with the Popular front and offers voters not a set of good wishes, and the plan of concrete actions on life arrangement in each city and settlement. It is very important that all offers have been collected « From below ». Any of them will not be lost. We have received complete set of dot, address problems, on each of which we will find a way of the decision. It is challenging task, but we will execute it, after all people wait for these changes.


- The Popular front became the real tool of participation of citizens in acceptance of important decisions, - the vice-president of political council of Murmansk regional branch « speaks; an United Russia » Marina Kov - tun. - « an United Russia » - unique party which hears people. Thanks to the Popular front there was absolutely open search of the decision of problems. We have seen a ready response - is in total collected more than 13 thousand offers on development of cities and settlements. Citizens have given extremely concrete order of party in power that it is necessary to do. To execute it is the main our problem. Only such way it is possible to move forward.

the Publication is paid at the expense of means of selective fund of Murmansk regional branch of the All-Russia political party « UNIFORM Russia ».