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The Savings Bank has celebrated the anniversary

past Saturday the Savings Bank has noted the 170 - letie. For generations of Russians the Savings Bank was and remains a symbol of reliability, stability, and this credit of trust, of course, has serious bases. But, despite solid age, it is young soul, is modern, creative. Celebratory actions - to that acknowledgement. On November, 12th in the Polar region of the big and small northerners fireworks of celebratory surprises and gifts expected.

Northerners has captured « a silver fever » and « municipal benefit »

Anniversary morning has begun on November, 12th with « the Silver fever ». This day in one of divisions of the Savings Bank northerners exchanged 170 ten-rouble coins for one - a memorable coin from silver from Open Society « The Savings Bank of Russia ». By the way, its cost above 1700 roubles. And the ten-rouble coin has been chosen not simply so. The first investor - mister Nikolay Antonovich Kristofa - ri - at opening of the first Russian savings bank has put such sum on the contribution. Money for those times was considerable. On a court yard was on March, 1st (13), 1842, and passed this significant event in a building of Tutorial advice at Safe treasury of St.-Petersburg.

« the Silver fever » has called the real agiotage in polar capital that is why a management of Sberban - ka the decision the next months it is accepted to repeat.

At midday also it became at all hot. At the central office of the Savings Bank on Lenin`s avenue, 37 has passed competition for speed of payment through the terminal device of self-service under the name « Municipal benefit ». The main prize - payment of expenses on utilities for October, 2011. To participants have given out bill requisites to which it was necessary to translate 100 roubles. Who faster - that and in the ending. Four left 12 participants on final fight. They sent one thousand roubles for the speed. Fastest with test has consulted Alexander Ladina. The very young girl has passed its all for 2 minutes of 58 seconds, having left itself men.

But in honour of the 170 - summer day of a birth the Savings Bank management has awarded all three of finalists. To each of them have refunded expenses for utility bills for October to that they were unboundedly glad. But also those who has not reached the ending, did not remain empty-handed, they have received sweet prizes in the form of the Savings Bank emblem.

- Many thanks to the Savings Bank for such gift. Though to me has simply carried in competition and I have casually got on game — stood in a queue to pay utility bills, the pleasant woman who has asked me has approached to me, a leah I want to pay ZHKU, I have nodded, and she to me has suggested to participate in the action « Municipal benefit » - has told murmanchanka Alexander Ladina. - My work is not connected with terminals, I the manager in transport company. And, perhaps, all some times brought the rent on the self-service terminal. No concept had that I can do it so quickly. Now I will always save the and another`s time.

Meanwhile, competition « Municipal benefit » had charitable character and those means which were sent by participants, have been listed murmanchanke to Olga T on treatment of the child.

The Savings Bank is engaged many years sponsor`s and charities. And since August, 2009 he has still established close shefskie and friendly relations with murmashinskim children`s home « the Crane ». Now there 24 children from 3 till 18 years are nurtured. But the Savings Bank takes part in life of children`s home not only from financial side. Employees and a management of Murmansk branch of the Savings Bank regularly come to children on a visit, congratulate birthday men, together celebrate feasts, give gifts and entertainments.

the Youth has received the first bank card

After a dinner in the central office of the Savings Bank the youth was tightened. At 15 o`clock employees regional UFMS gave out Russia there 14 - to summer citizens of the passport. And employees of the Savings Bank - free of charge handed over to teenagers of map VISA « Youth ». This mutual has received the name « the Passport ». In total past Saturday 19 murmanchan have received the first adult document and a bank card.

- I Think, that I have received the first passport in the Savings Bank, I will remember well, moreover both a distance gift useful and convenient, - Alina Kuznetsova has shared emotions, becoming frequent 23 - j schools.

- the Savings Bank we very much appreciate and we respect. I, for example, poluchajuzarplatu on the Savings Bank map, with it was not present any problems in Russia, abroad. Now and the daughter - schoolgirls will have a first plastic card. In our century of modern technologies this thing very necessary. Today maps, as well as mobile phones, already are at all: both at pensioners, and at pioneers. Thanks the Savings Bank that considers modern requirements of clients, go it towards, aspires to be interesting, useful, convenient. Even of schoolboys has taken care, - Alina Kuznetsovoj Galina Nikolaevna`s mum has added.

By the way, about map VISA « Youth ». It is created for what age from 14 till 25 years (inclusive), it can use not only in Russia, but also abroad. To holders of this map it is accessible payments of purchases in the Russian shops and abroad, services of mobile communication, the Internet, purchases in the World Wide Web.

is a new map of the Savings Bank, she will allow young clients of bank to march in step in due course, to use modern program complexes which we offer the clients, and to feel hardly - hardly adults. And to parents, owners of maps of the Savings Bank, it will give the chance to throw money resources on maps of children. For example, in a situation if the child is in camp and at it pocket money has ended. Has called parents - and in some minutes they at it again in a pocket. More precisely, on a map. And it is not necessary to fathers and mums thus neither for the commission to pay, nor for transfer, - the area manager of the Savings Bank Anton Fedorov has told.

in general, down with stereotypes about the Savings Bank supposedly it for people of pension age or for businessmen. The Savings Bank works for all. Actively to develop and improve offers for youth, to start novyespravkaprodukty, to enter new services it is planned by the Savings Bank and further.

Interested persons have participated in fleshmobe

the Culmination 170 - go Savings Bank birthday became light fleshmob on descent from Semenovsky lake where 170 persons have gathered. Participants have risen under the form of an emblem of the Savings Bank and have lighted light-emitting diode small lamps, having lighted up the night sky.

And still on November, 12th on all Murmansk area everyone 170 - j the visitor has received a memorable souvenir from the Savings Bank.

- In our anniversary birthday sincere words to workers of the Savings Bank have sounded many. I want to thank you, our dear clients, and it is unimportant, a leah large you the industrial giant, the beginning businessman or the usual investor. Your trust — it is the main active of our bank. We say that the Savings Bank changes recently, and, as a matter of fact, much the unique purpose of such changes is the desire to become more comfortable for you. I want to congratulate all employees of the Savings Bank, their family and our expensive clients on a today`s feast and to wish all all most the best and long years of partnership with the Savings Bank! - has finished 170 - j birthday operating Murmansk branch of Open Society « the Savings Bank of Russia » Dmitry Kornilov.

Now in Murmansk area of 110 offices of the Savings Bank of Russia. Except the first and basic service - supplementary operation with charge of percent, the bank renders the hugest spectrum of services. Not far off New year, and the Savings Bank promises to surprise us with the next new decisions, offers, and also actions and competitions.

on November, 12th 19 teenagers have received passports and the first bank cards.
a photo: Evgenie the EAGLE

When on Murman there was a first savings bank

the Kola state savings bank 393 at the Kola district exchequer became the First savings bank in the Polar region. It was not possible to establish exact date of its creation, but the first documents are dated 1890. The savings bank spent work in the field of monetary circulation, carried out monetary and credit operations, spent internal loans. Under the order of the Archangelical provincial state chamber to which the Kola savings bank submitted, survey (audit) was annually spent. Savings banks watched preservation and maintenance of a good name, the valid relation to the client, have as though told today, « image of bank ». The circular 7215 from September, 24th, 1897 orders: «... The losses caused to investors owing to default by officials of savings banks (the untimely notification about necessity of change of the form of the contribution owing to what capitals of the investor considerable time remained without an increment of percent), are subject to compensation at the expense of employees of savings bank ».