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As we bought apartment in a mortgage in Samara

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Having made an application on a mortgage loan which would help to transform ours « dvushku » - « a five-storey apartment block » in 3 - room habitation, we have gone this very day to look the first apartment. It and unexpectedly was pleasant at once to us, so we have started to discuss nuances of a situation with the realtor selling it: we « ipotechniki » and it imposes certain obligations not only on us, but also on proprietors. At the same time by means of this company have decided to sell our apartment – to waste time and to rush about between agencies it would not be desirable.

« Ipotechnik » « ipotechniku » - the friend

Some years ago when apartment purchase on credit was yet so it is popular, many announcements of real estate sale left with a mark « a mortgage not to offer ». Such categoriality spoke three moments. In - the first, it is simply not clear, what is it, that is why terribly. In - the second, in most cases at a mortgage the principle « operates; in the morning chairs – in the evening money » that is at first – sale of apartment and property registration on other person, and calculation then. In - the third, it ostensibly terribly long.

Today a mortgage – the phenomenon extended, already habitual. Besides interests and sellers, and buyers are as much as possible protected. Any payment is accompanied a minimum by two documents: at first the contract, then the receipt, and at desire for calculations it is possible to use and an impartial bank cell. The buyer - « ipotechnik » too it is interested in to tightening payment of proceeds of credit to the seller: it « adjust » the limited terms of delivery of the credit. Besides, terms of check in of the mortgage transaction are twice shorter usual, and the habitation estimation (occupies three days) and approval of bank (as much again) is in addition necessary only. In a word, anything supernatural, and at all stages to you helps and prompts bank and real estate agency.

So, on a question of my realtor, a leah agrees I the mortgage buyer, I have responded « I do not mind ». The such.

But how much the mortgage and as a little in the real estate market « today is extended; live » money, I have learnt, only closely having been engaged in habitation sale. From 19 persons who have looked our apartment, 17 planned to buy it on tick. Already I conceived the third applicant as native. We « were measured » interest rates and monthly payments, discussed bank experts, gave advice each other … In couple of weeks I already knew conditions of delivery of credits practically in all leading banks of Samara.

Terms of sale at us have been limited: on bank conditions it was necessary a maximum for 4 months not only all to issue and receive money, but also to find and buy new habitation. Therefore it was very important to expose the correct price: the overestimated frightens off the buyers, underestimated makes a hole in ours is thin the built mortgage budget. Enough of applicants has shown that with this problem we together with the realtor have consulted. And as a result apartment « has left » even is a bit more expensive: when at once some persons have told that are ready to sign right now the contract, small auction has been arranged.

From the beginning of our work with the realtor to a transaction exit on a home straight has passed three weeks.

and tomatoes

Simultaneously with sale we searched for Apartments what to buy. Yes, we have not stopped on the first seen apartment. « that it was not thought » have decided to look and at other variants « treshek ». And in the course of viewings it became clear that pleasant to us it is primary apartment at all so it is good. It as in the market: ah, what wonderful tomatoes in the first row! About, and in the second - that is better! No, the most remarkable – in the third. On the fifth number you understand that any tomatoes do not approach you, and it would not be desirable on a broader scale cucumbers, but, unfortunately, can allow them to itself.

We considered strictly certain area, and it complicated a problem. Besides I was afraid of height and was not ready to live above 6 floors. At first searched for habitation with good repair: capital alterations in last apartment have fairly exhausted, it would not be desirable to repeat them, but on « chistenko, and it is fine » I was not agreed. Have then understood that if the apartment is ideally made under someone, it does not mean that it will approach us. To live in another`s « to a skin » inconveniently, and to alter – to itself is more expensive. As the prices of apartments with qualitative repair above, than « killed » or it is simple « clean ». And if the first own apartment is pleasant any, whatever it was and wherever has been located, from the second expect execution of all desires at once. However, to realtors to it not to get used, and they continued searches.

« Kunstkamera » the real estate market

We rejected unsuccessful lay-out when spacious rooms were supplemented with tiny kitchen and a toy bathroom. Have gradually got used to that at times « qualitative repair » in the announcement means that old wooden windows have painted with a fresh paint, and in a toilet with a falling off tile have replaced a toilet bowl. It was necessary to face and inflated prices together with obstinate proprietors, and it was annoyingly if the habitation as a whole was pleasant. Certainly, where - nibud in half a year the seller would understand that is necessary « To move » but time at us was not.

the habitation with the illegitimate re-plannings, one another krashe Came across also. Association of bathrooms, kitchens from a drawing room, rooms with a loggia – still florets. The apartment has appeared the greatest masterpiece, in which on kitchen have put a window to hang up on this wall lockers from set. To buy the re-planned apartment in a mortgage it is impossible – the bank will not countenance, and it is simply dangerous: the taken down wall can appear bearing, and such design how much will hold on, it is not known.

have just in case looked towards under construction habitation. In its our area it is not enough and practically all is sold. Remained only two new buildings in the necessary price category. Have called in our bank to specify, how he looks at them. The credit inspector has explained that in these houses they directly do not finance habitation. But if we would like, we can give other pledge for the sum of the credit or find two guarantors and then we will receive a mortgage. Neither that, nor another has not approached us. Also it has appeared that the credit of our bank has saved us from prospect to recruit ranks of the deceived shareholders: building of one house is suspended, and delivery of the second under the big question.

the List of potential habitation has run low, we have literally vacuumed all market in the chosen area and even have expanded its frameworks. It was necessary either wait, or to agree on an unattractive variant. As one professional cunning of the realtor and a certain apartment « has suddenly worked; it was drew » itself. However, on 8 floor. But know, what I to you will tell? If the habitation is pleasant, if it arranges on all parametres, it is there and then found out that 8 floor – it is not high, and a beautiful kind from windows. So we have found to ourselves apartment.

the Termination in a week.