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The new medical policy: to receive or not to receive?

that has changed in this time? What innovations have appeared? To these and other questions to us are responded by the director of Murmansk branch of one of the largest insurance medical companies - Open Society « SK « SOGAZ - Honey » - Larissa Nikolaevna Shagalova.

- Larissa Nikolaevna, what, from your point of view, has really changed in system and in life of citizens during action of the new law? A leah positive shifts are visible?

- the Most important thing that according to the law each citizen has got the new driver`s licence: the right to a choice of the insurance medical organisation, medical institution and the attending physician. Till January, 1st, 2011 for the person chose the insurance medical company or the employer, in a case if the person works, or administration of the subject of the Russian Federation if the person is idle. And polyclinic and the doctor were defined exclusively by a territorial principle. Now each citizen has the right to realise the independent choice.

One more innovation is connected with policies of obligatory medical insurance. At last - that in system OMS policy OMS of the uniform sample which became termless and uniform for all territory of the Russian Federation is entered. Now it does not need to be changed at change of a place of work or change of the insurance medical company. Besides, policy OMS guarantees reception of medical aid without a binding to a residence that was a frequent occasion to complaints insured earlier: medical institutions refused to the insured person medical aid under policy OMS which has been given out in other region.

- a leah It is necessary to hurry up to exchange the policy on the new?

- to Hurry up and create an agiotage it is not necessary. The citizens having on hands policies of obligatory medical insurance of the old sample, can use them before replacement by the policy of the uniform sample. The exchange will be spent in a planned order till January, 1st, 2014. The given out policies of the old sample are valid, and in medical institution to you have no right to refuse service. In case of occurrence of problems in medical institution with rendering to you medical aid, be converted into the insurance company!

In addition I want to urge inhabitants of Murmansk area to pay attention to the name of the insurance company which have given out to you the policy. Since August, 1st, 2011 the company « the Capital medical insurance » Does not carry out activity on obligatory medical insurance in territory of Murmansk area. It means that since August, 1st insured this company those any more are not. Therefore, if your policy is given out by the company « the Capital medical insurance » we wait for you at offices of the Insurance company « SOGAZ - Honey » for reception of the new policy of the uniform sample. For convenience of inhabitants of Murmansk area today in region 19 representative offices « work; SOGAZ - Honey » on all territory of Murmansk area, the address and which schedule of work you can learn on our site www. sogaz - med. ru or having called by phone free round-the-clock « hot » lines 8 - 800 - 100 - 07 - 02.

- without fail it is necessary for Whom else to be converted to you behind reception of the new medical policy?

Necessarily to be converted into office of the insurance medical company behind policy OMS it is necessary only for the citizens for the first time receiving policy OMS, newborns, citizens who had changes in their personal data; and also in cases uteri the policy, its decay or unfitness in use. Besides, if you for the first time this year have decided to realise the right to a choice of the insurance medical company, you also can come to the insurance medical company and write the corresponding application.

- In what importance of the insurance medical company for the insured citizens? It carries out what primary goals?

First of all, the insurance medical company is the defender of the right of the citizen on free and qualitative medical aid. The insurance medical company is is better informed on the rights insured, about what medical services and in what volume should be given it free of charge, about possibilities of protection of interests insured, in a case if its rights have been broken. In difficult situations the insurance companies represent itself as « the lawyer » insured, in t. ch., representing its interests in court.

Always it is necessary to remember that the insurance medical company – it not simply that place where you have received policy OMS. Our insured know that SOGAZ - Honey will always come to the rescue and will help to solve the arisen problem.

- Larissa Nikolaevna, tell, than differs SOGAZ - Honey from other insurance medical companies?

We are one of the largest insurance companies working in this market. Financial stability and stability SOGAZ - Honey allows to be assured that our insured are under protection and we will execute all obligations in full.

One more important advantage is a presence of the branched most out network of branches and representations on regions of coverage among the insurance companies working in system OMS. For today it more than 470 divisions   in territory 41 subjects of the Russian Federation! On all country the company has representations where the insured can be converted behind reception of policy OMS or behind the help in case of occurrence of problems with medical aid rendering.

- T e. Where your insured has not left: in business trip or on rest - you always nearby?

So. And after all it is very important - to feel protected in a city where all for you is unfamiliar also you almost nobody know. If our insured has problems with health in other city, we become its main assistant and the co-worker. That any problem insured did not remain without the decision, in the company the round-the-clock operates is advisory - dispatching service for references of the insured persons - phone of a free hot line 8 - 800 - 100 - 07 - 02.

Behind our insured there is a staff of the professionals loving the business and always ready to come to the rescue.

Well and, of course, the main thing for us in work with people is responsibility, conscientiousness, humanity. Such approach yields the results. Fidelity and trust of 13 million the citizens who are our insured, is, perhaps,   The appreciation of our work. So, we invite all interested persons who has not had time to become yet our insured, to join our command.

Coordinates of the nearest representation of the Insurance company « SOGAZ - Honey » you can learn on a site www. sogaz - med. ru or having called by phone round-the-clock « hot » lines 8 - 800 - 100 - 07 - 02 (it is free across Russia).

Murmansk branch of Open Society « the Insurance company « SOGAZ - Honey ». The address: 183038, Murmansk, street Pushkin, 5. Phone: (8152 45 - 61 - 05, 45 - 73 - 76, 45 - 86 - 77, 45 - 87 - 48 . Help advisory service 8 - 911 - 343 - 00 - 61

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