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delivery of hand-operated cars to 12 inhabitants of the Saratov region injured with accident on manufacture, has taken place past Monday in the Saratov regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation.

At ceremony of delivery of keys and documents were present the chairman of the Saratov regional thought Valery Radaev operating GU - the Saratov regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation, the deputy of regional Duma Igor Vodjanenko.

- For us it is a gala day, and we are glad to see all of you at this ceremony, - Igor Vodjanenko was converted with a salutatory word to present. - Such actions within the limits of realisation of the Federal law « About obligatory social insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases » Are spent by the Saratov branch of fund of social insurance since 2000. Their main objective, certainly, increase of level of social adaptation of those who as a result of an industrial trauma has sustained serious injuries is.

Here again it is necessary to notice that statements of inhabitants of the Saratov region having the right to granting of the specialised vehicle, are annually carried out on 100 %. For 10 years the Saratov regional branch gives out 218 cars.

And more one important innovation. Till 2008 such categories of citizens received cars « Oka ». Now this stamp is replaced more convenient, comfortable and reliable - the fifth and seventh models « the Zhiguli ».

- Certainly, it is qualitatively new level, - Igor Vodjanenko recognises. - And we hope that will operate them to you much more conveniently. As cars which you receive today, are not simply equipped by a hand control - they are converted personally under each future owner. Taking into account specificity of its trauma.

Till the end of the year owners of cars should become 7 more person.

However to receive the car is half-affairs. Everyone who got into the car, knows, in what kopeck each refuelling « pours out; an iron horse » and especially its major repairs. However the branch partially helps to solve these problems. Indemnification for acquisition gorjuche - lubricants quarterly and vehicle major repairs once within 7 years is paid to all owners of the given out cars. Which cost for today makes neither much nor a little approximately 70 thousand roubles.

With words of gratitude on behalf of all who became the happy owner of the newcomer « the seven » Ashot Halafjan has acted.

- Thanks you that do not leave us, invalids, in private with our misfortune, providing with necessary medical products and rehabilitation means: canes, wheelchairs which considerably facilitate our life, - has noted Ashot Barmenovich. - And today we have received the car which considerably will expand our possibilities. Now we can leave on considerable distances, instead of move only on the house or in a court yard.

However the program of maintenance with vehicles of the citizens who have sustained injuries on manufacture, this year yet does not come to an end. As Igor Vodjanenko has informed at parting, till the end of 2011 the regional branch plans to give out 7 more cars.


the Chairman of the Saratov regional thought Valery RADAEV:

- For us it is very important, that you remembered that today, along with realisation of the party project « Equal possibilities » in the country the new program initiated by Vladimir Putin, - « started; Accessible » environment;. And the Saratov region among only three regions was included into this pilot project.

the Above-named program includes various directions of support of the people who have got to a difficult reality situation, is calculated for three years, and only for 2011 its financing has made of the federal budget of an order of 87 million roubles. As a whole this year on project realisation, taking into account regional and local sofinansirovanija, allocation more than 550 million roubles is supposed.

a project Overall objective - to clean all barriers dividing today healthy people and people with limited possibilities, to make for such categories of citizens as much as possible accessible public transport and establishments of social sphere.

Today brand new cars have received 12 inhabitants of the Saratov region. And especially it would be desirable to notice that circumstance that each car has been converted taking into account concrete medical indicators of the future owner. And also that fact that for today in social insurance system does not exist any turn on the car reception, all statements of inhabitants of the area having the right to reception of a vehicle, are carried out within a year completely, as they say, for hundred percent.

it is very important thus that the maintenance question new vehicles of invalids dares in a complex. So, to all who receives the car through system c, all payments provided Federal p « are absolutely provided; About obligatory social insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases ». It is indemnification for acquisition gorjuche - lubricants, for operating repair and time in seven years payment of major repairs of a vehicle.



- I am very grateful also to fund c insurance, and to deputies for care of the people who have appeared in a misfortune. I have lost a foot in 1972 when worked on the railway as the composer of trains. And what only cars at me were not since then! All began with that « gorbatenkogo » on which in those days all invalids went, then there was one « Zaporozhets » another. However such comfortable and convenient, as the newcomer « the seven » at me yet was not.

And meanwhile I very much like to go on fishing, in wood behind mushrooms so the new car has had as it is impossible by the way. And to Saratov from Baltaja where I live, now, if something happens, will reach much easier.

In conclusion of action Valery Radaev has thanked all who has received cars, for the contribution which they have brought in due time in native manufacture. And also has assured that such events - a part of the big and systematic work on social rehabilitation of citizens which for today is one of the basic priorities of the policy spent by the state of our country.

- the Main thing for us for today - the rights and interests of people, - was underlined by the speaker of regional Duma, - on it the majority of programs and the projects realised in the country in whole and in our region in particular are directed.


For today on the account in GU - the Saratov regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation 7590 affairs suffered from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases are registered. This year 180 affairs of such character are accepted.

Only within the limits of program realisation on maintenance of such categories of citizens with cars in 2011 financing has made an order of 5 million roubles.