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In Murmansk will organise city parental committee

In an education system of the regional centre there was one more association - city social council of parents of pupils of preschool centres. And it only the beginning. In the near future Uniform advice where parents of children from all steps of training both school, and additional education will enter will be created.

- At today`s session will discuss, how parents Murmansk detsadovtsev can influence the decision of questions in a city education system. Will talk about budget planning, - Natalia Karpenko has told the chairman of committee of administration of the regional centre by training. - at the first session will be present an order of 140 persons - the most active parents from all Murmansk preschool centres. Advice becomes constantly operating public body which will have a board and the plan of work. To collect it there is once a quarter. At necessity, probably, and more often. On a city educational portal http:// www. edu. murmansk. ru the advice project is placed, and all interested persons can familiarise with it.

And what most of all stirs parents polar doshkoljat? With this question we were converted to Yury Limonovu -   to the director of a Murmansk programmar school 24.

More often for the parent especially actual there is a moment of readiness of the child to school, - Yury Limonov considers. -   Murmanchane want to receive today a definite answer on a question: « That should know and be able their child before receipt in school ». As educational institutions can expose the most different requirements. The majority of educational institutions are glad to accept any child irrespective of the fact how it is prepared for school. Is such which make the overestimated demands, in some even carry out special tests, examinations. And parents then try to attach the child in a garden « poprodvinutej ». In our programmar school children arrive without interviews, without testings. We are glad to any child.

In kindergartens since 2010 operates federal state requirements to the basic educational program where it is registered as should prepare the child for school. Also it is possible to notice what to try to create from the kid of the child prodigy operating in mind with six-place numbers, it is not necessary at all. More likely, it is important to develop personal qualities of the child. This and physical development, for example, mastering elementary cultural - hygienic skills, bases of a healthy way of life, pressing forward to impellent activity. And informative skills: interest to new and novel. To experiments.   interest to educational process and understanding that in case of difficulty it is necessary to be converted to adults. Emotional responsiveness: ability to respond to emotions of close people and friends to sympathise with characters of books,   to react to pieces of music and the fine arts, on the world of the nature and it is etc. clear that now at kindergartens different programs - someone realises the program « the Rainbow » someone « the Childhood » there are also others, but all of them give these basic skills. If to speak about the mathematician and reading it is good if the future first-grader considers to 10 and knows half of alphabet. To all to the rest will teach at school. And house education can give such knowledge even. But it is better - taki to entrust all it to professionals in kindergartens.

- Experience of our programmar school and other programmar schools of a city shows that such establishments are very claimed. Some even carry kids from other areas, despite stoppers, - Yury Romanovich continues. - And it is good, that such educational institutions was more in a city. At least to expand existing - on   to that way on which the city has gone with programmar schools 40 and 61. It have added on one building. At murmanchan has appeared more possibilities to arrange children in such educational institution. If in a programmar school there is a building and a kindergarten, and school the quantity of preschool groups, and initial classes increases also. It is good both for a city, and for parents, and for children. Junior school pupils here are practically in the same conditions, as well as in a garden: Within all working day, a four-single food, a day dream, numerous mugs and sections.

And in the future, probably, and first-graders, and even doshkoljata will add to the arsenal new technologies.

- Though we have computers in each office, independently to apply new technologies children study from the third - the fourth class, - the director of a programmar school 24 finishes. - For kids the modern technics is used so that a lesson to make various, interesting: to watch a film or maps on the big screen through a multimedia projector, to listen to music. By independent search of knowledge by means of new technologies are considered sanitary - hygienic requirements - dialogue with the computer should occupy strictly certain time not to be injurious to health. Also it is not necessary to forget: Nothing will replace live human dialogue at a lesson!

the Director of a programmar school 24 Yury Limonov: - Education in such educational institutions as we, is very claimed.
a photo: Elena KOVALENKO