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Even it became a shame to the public prosecutor?

Pjahna accuse of participation in deportation of 14 families from island. According to the bill of particulars, it has made confidential inquiries which have formed the basis for the decision on their dispatch to Siberia on members of these families.

Mass deportations of civilians in 1941 and 1949, from the point of view of the Estonian legislation, are the main thing « communistic villainy » in Estonia.

Then some tens thousand persons have been taken violently out to the remote areas – on the north of Russia and to Siberia. After exposure of a cult of personality of Stalin in 1956 the majority of them have returned home.

the Estonian legislation treats all acts of a Stalin mode connected with mass deportations as crimes not having a limitation period against humanity and equates them to a genocide of the peace population.

After independence restoration in the beginning 90 - h years of the last century in Estonia litigations on affairs involved in deportations of the former employees of bodies of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs - the Ministry of Internal Affairs - KGB have begun.

Neither the old age, nor poor health of defendants, that appeared on a dock were ordinary executors of orders and orders from above, in attention were not accepted by court.

the former security officers are sentenced To various terms of imprisonment: 79 - summer Michael Neverovsky, 78 - summer Iohannes Klaassepp, 80 - summer Vasily Beskov, 80 - summer Yury Karpov. Some years ago in prison the former employee of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs 77 - summer Charles - Leonhard Paulov has died.

the process started by the authorities against the Hero of Soviet Union of Arnold Mary, also suspected of the organisation of deportation of inhabitants of island Hiiumaa was one of the loudest. Mortally sick 89 - the summer veteran of war organizers of a court have forced to be on a venue of judicial session. The court went so-so, with the big breaks. « they specially pull, knowing that I long will not live. After death business will cover as to judge me no trouble » - Arnold Mary in one of conversations with the author of these lines has told. So it also left. Arnold Konstantinovich Mary has died on 90 - m to a year of life on April, 29th, 2009. Real proofs of its fault and it has not been shown, and business has been closed.

Today Estonian Themis can be embarrassed again. And consequently were operupolnomochennogo Jaana Pjahna achieves the termination of suit not only its protection, but also charge.

According to the petition of the public prosecutor, it is impossible to listen to business from - for an ill health of the defendant which is incurably sick and in this connection cannot participate in a consequence and serve time