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Klimanova on air has offended Kirkorov, and Elena Kuzovkina it was lighted in tsvetastoj to a skirt

on November, 21st all over the world will be   to be celebrated day of television. On the eve of a feast we have asked the Altay leaders, what amusing and not so stories occurred to them during shootings.   so now at readers « there is a possibility to adjoin to television kitchen.

« the Chamber has photographed in tsvetastoj to a skirt »

Elena Kuzovkina conducting the programs « Our news – Barnaul » , for all television career has admitted only one mistake. And that not on the fault.

- At us the pseudo-air, and in the end of release should go final otbivka. A picture there the such: the announcer removes petlichku, rises   also leaves. However the operator was mistaken, and ahead of time has come into studio. Also has photographed that during that moment really occurred: As I in not clear tsvetastoj to a skirt rise from - for a table and I leave, without being scratched almost. So it, on - to mine, also has gone on the air. Certainly, spectators have called, have told about a mistake. But, fortunately, us for these heads has not punished.

« Named the person other name »

This history has occurred with Yury Borlisom, conducting sports program headings « Our news - Barnaul » , eight years ago when it only started to work on television.

- I took one of the first interviews from one of known people of sports branch, and at it very small growth. And though the operator should remove only this person, I have got to a shot why - that also. And as I high it has turned out as to me then spoke colleagues, a picture « Ivan the Terrible kills the son ». So besides, I at the person have mixed a name and a surname and in a plot incorrectly it named. It is good that it of this plot so   also did not see.

« During a space bridge in an aether have deduced not that person »

Irina Prokofiev conducting, the chief - the editor of the program « to Conduct – Altai » works on television since 1994. However the most remembered history has occurred to it two weeks ago.

- I was one of those who was responsible for space bridges during a marathon « we Will support the child » and we did inclusions of villages and cities of Altay territory. And here, in the air we should deduce people from Youth theatre. However by any error in an aether have deduced the correspondent who was in an area Tjumentsevkogo recreation centre. And as she did not know that already on the air the chamber has photographed as it encourages people and as brings to the chamber of the necessary person. Thus convinces him that he was not afraid. Certainly, for us it there was at first a present shock. But televiewers have seen all television kitchen.

« Have offended Kirkorov on the air »

With Veroj Klimanovoj conducting the programs « to Conduct - Altai » , for its thirteen years of work on television there were many amusing stories. The TV presenter remembers one of them (there was it about 10 years ago) till now.

- I then worked on the musical channel « the Express train » and every day at us was two hours of an entertaining announcement. And Phillip Kirkorov has come to one of the airs to us. Questions to it arrived by phone and on a pager. And here we with sovedushchej passed this pager each other. And rather not wood messages to Kirkorov came on it. And here during any moment Phillip Kirkorov snatches out this pager and starts to read the sent revilings. By itself, the mood at the person has deteriorated at once, and to us costed extreme efforts to encourage it that an aether to spend well.