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In Khabarovsk employee Rosselhoznadzora

the Killed Evgenie Korepanov is strangled held a post of the chief of department of internal state veterinary control of management of Rosselhoznadzora across Khabarovsk territory, EAO and the Sakhalin region. It has moved to Far East capital five years ago from settlement Aniva of the Sakhalin region.

On Sakhalin mister Korepanov worked at station on struggle against illnesses of animals, and in last year two – in management of Rosselhoznadzora.

  - It was the chief of department of veterinary control over maintenance of health of animals and behind security of production of an animal origin,   – the former colleagues of the killed have told. – has then gone on increase: became the deputy chief of department across Khabarovsk territory, the Jewish independent and Sakhalin areas. As the main office is in Khabarovsk it had to move there several months ago.  

Subordinates remember it as quite adequate head, the basic, competent expert. Sources underline that Evgenie Korepanov went every day for work in Southern - Sahalinsk (30 kilometres there and back): « At it in the regional centre even the apartment was not, therefore any conversations on its dishonesty are simply inappropriate ».

- 38 - the summer victim has arrived To Khabarovsk on office transfer, – has confirmed « » the senior inspector of investigatory management SKR across Khabarovsk territory Ekaterina Derkunsky. – Criminal case upon murder has been raised on November, 15th. Some versions of an event are fulfilled, but them to name concrete while in the interests of the investigation we will not be.

On a scene of crime field investigators have found out fingerprints. Probably, they have been left by the alleged murderer. A consequence in an initial stage and to do any conclusions still early.

As the assumption: the official by the nature of the professional work could undermine someone`s business seriously. Management of Rosselhoznadzora imposed time and again an interdiction for import of production as which considered insufficiently documentary issued. It is enough to remember so-called « flower business » – then at the airport of Khabarovsk detained large parties of colours. In some the dangerous wrecker &ndash has been found out; flower trips, but the majority of businessmen has suffered for no reason at all. There were also other examples of actions of the federal service calling indignation of representatives of business.