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Legkovushku has brought in a ditch from - for snow nakata in the Vologda area

Failure has occurred on 342 - m line kilometre « Vologda - Medvezhyegorsk » in Vytegorsky area the day before, 16 - go November. About nine o`clock in the morning there in a ditch the car has overturned.

As have told to the correspondent « in traffic police Management on the Vologda area, 60 - the summer driver « the seven » went on a line and has run away over the car from - for snow nakata on road. « VAZ » has brought aside, and then and at all the car has moved down in a ditch and has turned over.

As a result of road accident the driver legkovushki has suffered. At it closed cranial - a brain trauma, concussion of a brain and a head wound.

Besides, at trauma overturning the passenger « has received also; the seven ». At 56 - the summer man closed cranial - a brain trauma, concussion of a brain, a graze and a backbone bruise.

By the way, all for the past days on the Vologda roads there were 4 failures in which 6 persons have suffered.