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The first guy to Zimbabwe

Zhunal Forbes has published the list of the richest people of the poorest part of the world - Africa. At the head of the list it has appeared Aliko Dangote from Nigeria , at it 10,1 billion dollars. It is comparable to money of our biggest rich man, Roman Abramovich - ours - that will be richer, but the difference is not radical (at Abramovich approximately 17 billion). Nigeria - the country oil, whence and money at companion Dangote. And still Nigeria - world the leader on corruption. Here it is besides comparable to Russia - not without reason our countries adjoin in corresponding ratings.

the Country lost apparteida, the republic of South Africa , has exposed Nikki Oppengejmera (the surname forces to assume in it the representative of white minority), at it 5,6 billion dollars. Oppengejmer - the namesake of the father American   a nuclear bomb - extracts diamonds. But, as in the republic of South Africa the law revere, so much, how much in Nigeria, even on diamonds you will not earn.

There is in the list and an Egyptian, it Nassef Saviris , at it 4,75 billion dollars. To the Russian measures average such billionaire, in any Moscow stopper similar in bulk, yes only for Egypt it kosmicheski is rich. In Egypt the salary in 50 dollars - already which - that, restaurants which so are favourite by our tourists where - nibud in Charm, bring during a season to their owners nearby 1000 dolarov in a month so to save up even any pity billion in Egypt uneasy. By the way, middle age of the African rich man - 61 year. Well why Africa not Russia? What for such money in 61 year? At us - that the years 30, ahead all life. If, of course, competitors do not truncate.