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In Murmansk mum of the boy who has got under a concrete plate, searches guilty

- I was called by the friend of my son and has told that Pavlika has pressed down a concrete plate. It by miracle remained is live, - the fragile young woman cannot depart till now from shock though the tragedy has occurred past Wednesday.

After an exit of article Anna Kim it was converted to us into the newspaper: she does not know, who is guilty in happened and whom to call to account. We have gone on a scene. Ice-covered road, below a kindergarten, above garages. The slope is strengthened by huge concrete beams. Was... Now they separately roll on all slope. And local residents, despite happened, continue to cut off here a way. Perhaps because on Friday no protective tapes on a place of state of emergency existing.

- When beams fell down, Pavlik has appeared directly in the middle of road - neither forward, nor back. It has rushed downwards, by a kindergarten, - Anna tells.

It has rescued it. But one of plates all - taki has overtaken the fellow at a kindergarten fencing. Now it in hospital, and, according to mum, earlier than in three weeks it will not write out. At the boy a bruise of the left foot and a backbone, crisis of fingers of the right foot. There is a hope that all will begin to live and it is not necessary to do operation.

to get to school 23, children from houses hardly further educational institution go on this road. To tragedy was considered that so it is more safe: here it is not necessary to pass brisk lines, there are no cars. And now Anna Kim thinks to translate two senior boys in other school. At it four sons, two younger go just to that garden which is located under a slope.

- At the moment of state of emergency in a garden court yard the group walked. Tutors also have rendered Pavliku first aid. And if plates punch a fencing and have knocked down kids? - Anna is terrified.

Now the woman very much wants to learn, who posesses scattered strengthening and on whom to bring an action. She was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor. Then it was called by the local policeman. And since then - silence. The deputy of the City Council Michael Belosheev has become interested only, has examined a scene, promised to help.

Policemen promise that results of investigation of incident with the fifth-grader who hardly has been not knocked down by a concrete plate in the street Ponomareva, will be already known in a weekend.

- The Statement of mother of the suffered boy has entered service of divisionals on November, 8th, - a deputy head of department of police 3 UMVD tells the Russian Federation on the city of Murmansk Andrey Gnatko. - Check is spent upon reception by the child of physical injuries. Most likely its results will be ready on Friday.

Guards have found out that the chairman garazhno - the building co-operative society which has established these plates, still has left two years ago on the long sick-list and has issued the power of attorney on the powers fulfilling duties. However in the document it is specified only, as. The island has the right to conclude contracts on rent and to accept a payment for garages. And about representation of interests of co-operative society in law enforcement bodies and in court in the document anything is not present.

- Garazhno - the building co-operative society exists since 1992, - Andrey Gnatko continues. - Fulfilling duties has given us the expert opinion, dated 1993 on which all objects of fellowship are recognised by safe. Since then any checks on them it was not spent.

the Official walking path on a place happened is not present, but neighbouring inhabitants prefer to go there.

According to policemen, most likely check materials will be passed in Investigatory committee. And inspectors will establish, a leah is in incident signs of a criminal liability for a negligence or business is limited to sanctions of the Administrative code.

The investigation will be spent also by city administration. Today on a place the special commission consisting of employees of committee of property relations, « will work; the Water canal » And representatives garazhno - building co-operative society.

- While the reasons happened are found out, - the head of May Day district Sergey Samorodov speaks. - it is possible, the plate has fallen from - that has washed away a ground.

According to employees of district administration, the road where there passed schoolboys, is an entrance to co-operative society. Now the scene is fenced by an admonitory extension. Also the co-operative society management still to happened officially warned about necessity of control over this road.