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Investments in worthy work

Even the largest investments into manufacture are spent in vain if they are not supported by the correct and socially focused personnel selection, consider in Group « Akron » one of leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and the world.

On a press - conferences in Interfax   heads of the company have presented the target social program « For worthy work ». Its realisation has begun in September of this year.

Group « Akron » in Russia are industrial companies: Open Society « Akron » in Great Novgorod and Open Society « Dorogobuzh » in the Smolensk region. In 2010 the manufacture total amount has made 5,8 million tons of mineral fertilizers and ammonia, and the consolidated gain - 46 738 million roubles. At present in the company works about 14 thousand employees, and with opening of new ore dressing industrial complex « severo - the western phosphoric company » in the Murmansk area which start is planned on the middle of next year, the quantity of workplaces will increase approximately by 2,5 thousand. The personnel – the main resource « Akron » and pledge of that mullions-strong investments will bear fruit. The idea is formed of this precondition social orientirovannosti the companies as major condition of its further development.

According to the president of Group Vladimir Kunitsky, « the basic tool of socially responsible employer should be not only influence on employees by means of material stimulus, but also the organisation of all necessary conditions for satisfaction from work, even on harmful chemical manufacture ». As a result, at cooperation with the trade-union organisation, in September 2011 the target corporate social program « has been started; For worthy work ». This program includes two key directions: social guarantees for workers of the company and their participation in public life.

the Chief executive of Open Society « Akron » Vladimir Gavrikov considers that the program became original behaviour of results of long and regular work in a direction social orientirovannosti groups, formation is perfect other principles of interaction of the company with employees.

the Program assumes improvement socially - work conditions of life, ample opportunities for social growth, a guarantee of high level of industrial security on each workplace. For these purposes the company continues to finance nurseries improving camp, the sports and cultural centres, dispensaries, medical institutions, supports amateur collectives, on a place of obsolete shops saunas are under construction sports. Further, growth of investments assumes also growth of requirement for the highly skilled personnel: the company will organise preparatory programs at schools, prepares for opening of own corporate university, has concluded contracts with university in Nizhni Novgorod on preparation of experts himiko - technological directions.

According to the vice-president « Akron » Irinas Raber, in 2010 for social programs in 2010 it is spent about 300 million roubles: « the Major problem of the program is maintenance of qualitative and safe working conditions, health protection of employees and members of their families, support of pensioners of the enterprise, and, it extends and on the personnel of the companies of contractors, subcontractors with which we work. Thus, it is possible to tell that in the sum the program covers about 40 thousand persons ».