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Three cars have burnt down in the Vologda area for a night

At once three cars have burnt down in the Vologda area this night, 17 - go November. Unknown persons have set fire to one of them in regional capital in area PZ about three hours.

As have told to the correspondent « » in regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, from the burning car « Nissan Micra » which has been parked at the house, fire has passed on « to the Harmony to the Prior » standing nearby.

the Fire was noticed by casual passers-by. They also have called fire protection to the place of kindling.

As a result of a fire at a foreign car has burnt down salon, a paint and varnish covering, wheels and a motor compartment. At a domestic car fire has hurt a salon part, a motor compartment and a paint and varnish covering.

During the same time in the street Water-transport workers near 44 - go houses in Velikiy Ustyug the garage in which was « has lighted up; UAZ ». Fire has destroyed internal furnish of garage boxing, the car has burnt down completely. That became the kindling reason while it is not known.

by the way, one more car has burnt down the day before in seven mornings in the street Kostroma, 10 in Vologda. From - for short circuit there has lighted up « VAZ » the fourteenth model. As a result of a fire at the car the motor compartment, salon and a paint and varnish covering are hurt.