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The best gift - money!

new year not far off, also is a high time to think of how to save and increase the savings. On the threshold of special design bureau feasts - the bank has presented the special New Year`s offer in the market: rates under all contributions for physical persons became still « is more tasty » and - it is more convenient than a condition!

special design bureau - the bank offers the investors three products which satisfy requirements of clients with various level of a prosperity: the serious investment contribution « the Owner » the contribution for people of advanced age « Pension » and the convenient contribution « the Happy coin ».

the Own master

the Most serious investment contribution of special design bureau - bank, « the Owner » it is intended for the most serious clients who are interested in the long-term savings and augmentation of means. The deposit is made out for a period of two years, the maximum interest rate thus much above a rate of inflation. The investor can make account operations regarding the capitalised percent, and also to withdraw the contribution before the termination of period of validity practically without loss of percent. Besides, everyone who makes out the contribution « the Owner » has the right to reception from special design bureau - bank of plastic card Visa Classic or Visa Instant Issue.

With care of elderly investors

One of the most popular products of special design bureau - bank is a simple and clear contribution « Pension ». The filled up contribution « Pension » uses huge demand at people of respectable age. It is no wonder, after all for today in the market of bank contributions it, probably, the most favourable offer for pensioners. The contribution is very simple and convenient in use: The investor can fill up this contribution, and also necessarily remove from it money resources.

the Contribution « Pension » each citizen after a presentation of the pension certificate or 54 years which have reached age can issue.

deposit Term makes almost two years, it also can be prolonged. Possibility of preschedule withdrawal of the contribution is if necessary provided. But the most important thing - the rate under the contribution « Pension » it is established above a rate of inflation, and it allows to save up money of elderly investors.

Save money in bank

If you are interested in saving up money to certain date, for example, to holiday, feasts or the birthday, the new contribution of special design bureau - bank « the Happy coin » - an excellent choice. This filled up deposit allows to make prihodnye and account operations. If necessary the contribution can be received and before the termination of period of validity. Well and the most important thing - your savings will be reliably stored in bank where to money are not terrible neither room thieves, nor the big losses in connection with inflation, spontaneous shopping!

IT is useful for KNOWING

Trust and check!

If it is possible to take the credit in any bank (if only distances) placing the contribution, you trust bank the savings. And it means that your bank should be reliable and stable. Here some recommendations how to choose bank to which can be entrusted the money easy:

1. Insurance of contributions. Giving the money to the bank, each investor can count on insurance of the contribution. The best choice is a bank which is included in number of participants of the state Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV). The corresponding certificate (the form of green colour) should be at the information stand in bank office in a prominent place.

2. Possibility of preschedule removal of the contribution. Sometimes there are reality situations which can affect the decision to draw out money ahead of schedule. At opening of the deposit the investor signs the agreement with bank in which it is specified that will be with percent at capital removal ahead of time. It is better to prefer bank which at preschedule withdrawal of the contribution does not deprive of the client of percent.

3. Experience in the market. The more largely bank, the it is more reliable - in it there is a reason. It is necessary to take an interest necessarily, how much years the bank works in the market who is its proprietors, what place of bank in authoritative ratings.

we Will notice that the special design bureau - bank confirms the reliability in the market 21 year. More than 2 million investors across all Russia trust it the savings. For today of special design bureau - the bank is included into the TOP - 30 largest banks in the country on volumes of the involved means under contributions. Since November, 2004 of special design bureau - bank - the participant of the state system of insurance of contributions.

Open Society « special design bureau - bank ».

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