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Plastic windows. Release 34

When to replace a window it is possible free of charge?

At us in a drawing room the big false window leaving on a balcony. Internal glass, probably in the winter has suddenly burst, from - that the house has settled (we we live in a new building). By the summer the crack has strongly expanded, so now without glass replacement not to manage. A leah it is possible to change only internal glass or replacement of all window is required? And a leah will replace to us it free of charge if the warranty period yet has not ended?

Svetlana, Novokuznetsk.

- you need to call the expert of service service of the company which established a window. It will define, a leah is your case guarantee on which replacement is free. If the reason of a crack of glass really became usadka at home, and accordingly and deformation of the frame, it will be necessary to replace completely a window. If the frame has not suffered - it is possible only a double-glazed window.

our adviser Victor Jakovenko, the director of department of retails of the company responds To questions on plastic windows « BFK ».

Entrust installation to experts

how much really to establish a plastic window most?

Sergey, Novokuznetsk.

- Even having reserved a qualitative product, it is possible to remain all the same, strangely enough, dissatisfied. After all correct installation is not less important, than a window. If you do not possess sufficient experience and knowledge of technology of installation poor-quality installation threatens promerzaniem windows and problems in accessories work. Therefore it is better to entrust installation of windows to professionals. In company BFK existing in the market more of 15 years, annual certification of technicians is spent, there are standards and technological instructions according to which the assembler should make works. Besides in company BFK the guarantee certificate not only on a window, but also on assembly and painting and decorating within 10 years stands out! A leah

it is necessary to change a window in the winter?

We wanted to change windows in the summer, but it has not turned out. A leah it is possible to perform such works in the winter, in frosts? And a leah will be reflected it in quality?

Arina, Kemerovo.

- Modern technologies and materials allow to establish windows at any time year. Employees BFK establish plastic windows at temperature to - 15 º to S.Spetsialisty on a broader scale tend to that winter installation is preferable since at once it is possible to see all lacks: blowing off, promerzanie, loss of a condensate and operatively them to eliminate. And after summer installation it is necessary to wait for winter to understand, how much qualitative installation to you have made. Besides in winter months plastic windows can be got with a considerable discount and much faster.

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