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Subscribe on directly from phone

to Make payment, without rising from a sofa what can be more convenient? The publishing house « » have given to the readers possibility to subscribe directly from a mobile phone. One of these days has earned subscription section in   PDA - site versions  .  

is the facilitated version of a leading newspaper portal which is convenient for looking through from phone screen. The subscription section too is designed so that it is convenient for using to owners of mobile devices even with the small sizes of screens, - the director for new technologies ID « explains; » Dmitry Ogurtsov.  

Having passed in subscription section, readers learn about periodicals and the numerous book collections which are let out by the publishing house « ». And the main thing - by means of phone can issue and pay on them a subscription.     Thanks to modern technologies of electronic payments and mobile communication users have a set of variants it to make: with the help a bank card , ecash , the Internet - bank , through the application for   iPhone   and by write-off of money with cellular telephone bills . Also users can, having subscribed to phone, to pay service by more traditional ways: in Savings Bank branches, a remittance , through a cash dispense and terminals for reception of payments , well and, certainly, in branches mails of Russia . That for this purpose it is required to make, too will prompt subscription section in smartfonnoj site versions.  

the subscription to all editions and collections of the Publishing house " is accessible to Users;

- Readers actively use the presented possibility to subscribe online, them becomes more and more, - the head of department of subscription ID « marks; » Natalia Orehova.  

While possibility to subscribe through   PDA - the site version     it is accessible to inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow Region. Connection to service of other regions of Russia will be following step.      

- subscription Section in   PDA - versions is analogue of service on the basic site   thanks to which else reception of electronic payments for a subscription to periodic and collection editions in the summer has begun. The technical service of a site adapted this difficult service for mobile devices, - the editor of mobile versions tells the Internet - services     Sergey Andreev.

the User can choose any term of a subscription and at once learns its cost.

Besides will soon earn   the all-Russian service of a subscription   on products of the publishing house « » with the help sms. It even more will simplify to readers procedure of registration and subscription payment as she does not demand phone connection to a network the Internet so, huge number of subscribers of cellular networks will have an opportunity to subscribe for the favourite edition from any point where cellular communication is accessible.

to get to subscription section on your phone simply type in the browser of the mobile device the address of our site –. Will automatically open PDA - the site version. Choose section « the Subscription » also use!