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Steve Jobs`s house is protected

After ones and a half   month after death of the founder of company Apple of Steve Jobs its house in the Californian Alto Has fallen is under protection which is carried out by the private company.

Alto   Has fallen; – informal capital and   the historical centre of the well-known Silicon valley. In this small town, to the south from the Dignity - Frantsisko are a staff - apartments of such world giants as Facebook, Xerox, HP.  

Jobs`s House is in the street Veverli. In California it is not accepted to fence territories adjoining to private houses with a high fence. The house of family Jobs also is separated from sidewalk by a symbolical, low fencing.  

any car which have stopped at this house immediately has employees of the private security company who delicately find out the purposes arrived and if visitors are not zvannymi, them ask not to be late on proezzhej parts. To photograph the house it is authorised.  

Neighbours tell that security guards has appeared during lifetime of Jobs; last year to it and members of his family especially annoyed paparazzi.