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Transbaikalia the wave of room thefts

has overflowed It on 13 % more,   than last year. Such indicators   should guard.   on the statistican, room thefts – most often committed crimes against the property. They, all under the same statistical data, remain not opened more often. And if them also open to indemnify a loss to owners, on whose apartment the touch has been made, frequently it is impossible.

to discuss a situation Evgenie Kalachev, the chief of branch of Management of the organisation operatively - search activity UMVD of Russia on Transbaikalian edge,   have gathered; Vladimir Dubovik, and. An island of the head of department of private security at UMVD Russia on Transbaikalian edge and journalists.

- Employees of law-enforcement bodies take measures on preventive maintenance and disclosing of thefts from apartments. Only this year 10 groups of thieves into which 30 persons entered nearby are detained. As a rule, the age domushnikov in Transbaikalia makes 18 - 25 years, they either do not work on a broader scale, or study in HIGH SCHOOLS and SSUZah. In most cases from safe families. On business go for the sake of easy money which then burn in pleasure institutions. To calculate them it is almost impossible. The basic ways of fulfilment of thefts from apartments there is a selection of keys, breaking entrance   and balcony doors, windows. Domushniki take away gold ornaments, money, oversized valuable things which then market in   pawnshops and the markets, - Evgenie Alekseevich has brought up to date.

Policemen admit what to open room theft it is almost impossible.
the Photo: Hopes Panovoj.

From room thefts   anybody is not insured. Therefore   citizens need to attend to how to protect the habitation from thieves.

- the security alarm system with a conclusion to the panel of the centralised supervision of private security can Help. More reliable and an effective remedy for preventive maintenance and prevention of a similar kind of crimes does not exist yet. There is it cheaply, - Vladimir Dubovik speaks.

It is possible to establish movement gauges still.   if   the thief has made the way in apartment while owners are not present the house, on phone will come sms - the notification message. At once call in police, thereby, you save the property and simplify work pravoohranitelej.

It is warned – means it is protected. Let room theft will not be for you unexpectedness.


1.         Have noticed something suspicious, be not afraid of responsibility – type 02. It is Always better to make secure.

2.         do not trust the Chinese doors. Have lost a key, immediately replace doors.

3.         Leaving the house, do not forget to close windows and balcony doors. Can leave included light.


2545 – It is so much thefts absolutely in edge this year

10 – criminal groups it is detained.

112   - attempts   thefts it is prevented.

113   - the person it is detained on a scene of crime.