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the Secular guide: Alla Pugacheva, Megan Fox and " Women of year "

Opening of restaurant of Julia Vysotsky " Ernik " Alla Pugacheva W family has visited, the presentation of TEL Vertu ˝onstellation was decorated with the Hollywood actors Klajv Owen, Megan Fox and American the priest - singer Anastejsha. Week has ended with delivery of the traditional award " the Woman of year Glamour 2011 ".

the Culinary specialist Julia Vysotsky together with the spouse, the director Andrey Konchalovsky , have opened restaurant " Ernik " . Alla Pugachevoj`s phenomenon W Maxim Galkin and the daughter W the husband became a bolt from the blue 4 the press and visitors. All spoke simply: Andrey Konchalovsky W a WF of Julej are on friendly terms with Pugachevoj families. Besides, Egor Konchalovsky who was present on action, has just finished shootings of a clip of Christina Orbakajte. The prima donna has occupied a little table in the most distant corner. And to a press have asked to leave within 10 minutes. The request vpolnee was pertinent. " Ernik " - restaurant completely not big. Photographers have occupied half of its space, and people would like to have a rest, to taste kitchen. To move to waiters, and to all the rest, resolutely there was no place.

Look at a phototape: Julia Vysotsky and Andrey Konchalovsky`s Visitors at cafe opening " Ernik " > >

- the restaurant Name was thought up by our friends, - Julia Vysotsky has told to an observer. - We 2GETHR began to find out, what letter most energetichnaja and have come to a conclusion that it is a letter " YO ". And a word " ernik " the Hope Obedient has prompted a script writer. And here the concept was developed by Andrey Sergeevich. It was the whole analytical WRK: Cafes decorate is black - Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vladimir Nabokov, Henry Miller, Ernest Hemingway, Anton Chekhov`s white photos and other great writers. On easels – the edged sheets W aphorisms of geniuses. Citations Andrey Sergeevich searched for the whole MTH, having buried in books.

Citations did not concern the category of the banal. " on light so it is a lot of women W whom it is possible to sleep and so there are not enough women to whom it is possible to talk " (Ernest Hemingway), " Sex - one of nine reasons for reincarnation, and other eight are insignificant " (Henry   Miller), " the Cynicism is the gone right attempt to C the world such what it should be AAM " (Jean Eugene), " the Best reaction to the enemy criticism - to smile and 4get " (Vladimir Nabokov), " On one clever one thousand silly is necessary, and this one thousand muffles " (Anton Chekhov), " Beauty, it as alcohol or comfort, - getting used to them, you cease to notice them " (Lui – Ferdinand Selin).

g (at the left) W the American actors Megan Fox and Klajvom Ouenom on evening of brand Vertu in art - the CTR on Volhonka. " hspa˝e = " 5 " width = " 272 " height = " 204 " tag = " "/>

Last citation of Selina was remembered on presentations of TEL Vertu ˝onstellation in the CTR of fine arts on Volhonka. An abyss of beautiful people and TEL, the alcohol sea, and you notice only organisation lacks. It is too much people 4 such space, security guards all time strive where - nibud suddenly not to start up. The Hollywood actors Klajva Owen and Megan Fox it is not visible - it is not audible, singer Anastejshu it is audible, but it is impossible to remove. Leaders Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Pozner, hardly squeezing through crowd, advertised each other new TEL, passing from a hall in a hall.

Look at a phototape: Anastejsha, Megan Fox and Klajv Owen on TEL Vertu presentation > >

- you C this red button on TEL, Vladimir Vladimirovich? – Ivan Urgant questioned the colleague. – It is a danger signal! Has pressed - and there and then comes konserzh - service. Communication unobstructed on a broader scale, cases when the person immured itself in concrete are known and talked therefrom, indifferently!

Brilliant sword-play of two " monsters " TV were listened only by actress Marina Golub accompanying them.

- Allow to look at the girl from " Transformers "! - has tried to make out Megan Fox Marina Golub for " a wall " photographers.

- Marina, and to you - that it what for, have compared too - Fox and Is blue! - has not sustained an observer.

Ivan Urgant has been noticed as the leader on one action - " the Woman of year Glamour 2011 " . Urgant 2 has won a prize in a unique nomination 4 the stronger sex " the Man of year " having handed over him to itself. And in honour of itself has sung " an ode " on motive of a song   Alexander Zatsepin from a film " on June, 31st " " the World W/ O LUVed ":

- the Prize 4 LUVed, also has become isolated a circle, -
From LUVed hands.
a prize 4 LUVed, I on envy all -   to itself a tandem.

Look at a phototape: Winners of the award " the Woman of year " under magazine Glamour version > >

Ivan admitted that it is happy that was born   By the man CUZ to the modern woman 4 competitiveness, under the version of glossy editions, it is necessary to possess such quantity of worthiness (the list it was applied), what to be the man as - that easier. Long official ceremony of Urgant, as always, has transformed into the benefit performance. The hall died of laughter. Has got from the leader to all - and to nominees, and " vruchantam ".

the Duma, model Marina Linchuk, TV presenters Xenia Sobchak, Olga Shelest, Victoria Agapov, singers the Fur-tree, the newly appeared designer, a secular lioness of Uljana Sergeenko, the deputy of the State Duma Anton Siharulidze W spouse Yana Lebedevoj (" became Winners of the award journalist Miroslava; Pair of year ") .

the Special prize 4 the best foreign actress of year has founded TV channel Diva Universal. It has RCVed Cameron Diaz - " very Gud actress and very bad teacher ". Diaz has said from the screen long thanksgiving speech W improbable speed.

- the Full seven-hour version of speech Diaz you can look on magazine Glamour site, – Urgant has immediately reacted.

In the main nomination - " the Woman of year " - actress Ekaterina Vilkova was in the lead. " deeply pregnant " Vilkova, not appearing recently in the light of, has thanked for an award. One prize from magazine Glamour at the actress already is...

- And the second is 4 the future woman of year, - Ekaterina has hinted.

- And there will be a woman? - Urgant has taken an interest.

- I Think that the person, - has left from the answer of Vilkova.

- And now cheerful competition appears: Who is more QIK will reach clothes, - Ivan has warned. But public who dosidela till the end of ceremony, already ran 2 doors.