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Minobrnauki: courses of adoptive parents will reduce return of children to children`s homes

Moscow, 18 aching - News. Accepted in the second and in the third readings the governmental law on which the person, wishing to take in the family on education of the child, will be obliged to have training special preparation, will allow to reduce quantity of children returned in children`s homes, Alina Levitsky has told on Friday of News the director of department Minobrnauki of the Russian Federation.

Amendments are brought abreast articles Family and Grazhdansko - the remedial code of the Russian Federation. Adoptive fathers, trustees, trustees, adoptive parents citizens can become only after passage of special courses.

According to Levitical, almost third of candidates in the adoptive parents, had training special preparation before adopting the child, refuse this idea. " third of candidates in adoptive parents come to a conclusion that are not so ready to this role and refuse. We think that it is Gud result CUZ at us will be less returns, the conflict situations injured and returned children " - she has noted.

According to the law, introduction of the specified preparation is caused by necessity to provide psihologo - pedagogical and legal readiness of citizens for reception in the families of children without parental support. The program and an order of such preparation will be confirmed by enforcement authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, and training financing will be carried out at the expense of means of regional budgets.

Levitical has reminded that the ministry has developed the approximate program of courses for the future adoptive parents. " it is possible to take it for a basis, and further taking into account features in ANY1 subject it can be presented to others vantah. We are glad to that such preparation became obligatory " - has told it.

" The person should understand how much it and its children if they are in a family, are ready to show endurance and understanding. We want that these courses would help candidates in replacing parents to understand many-sided nature of problems which can expect them " - has concluded the director of department.

Innovations will not concern the adoptive fathers who are stepfathers and stepmothers of children who actually already nurture children and together with them live, near relations of children and the persons who are already being adoptive fathers and trustees, not discharged earlier from execution of the duties assigned to them.

According to Minobrnauki, in 2010 in families of the Russian citizens it has been passed 72,5 thousand children. In 2007 in families of the Russian citizens it has been passed 111,7 thousand children. For today in the Russian databank it is registered 127,7 thousand children - orphans.