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In Tatarstan there is an operation on rescue of fishermen from the come off ice floe

Moscow, 20 aching - News. Rescuers remove from an ice floe on the river Kama about settlement Tashkirmen of Laishevsky area of 160 fishermen half from which is already delivered to coast, informs on Sunday the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation.

Earlier it was informed that the passing icebreaking tow - a pusher punched a ship course. As a result an ice floe W fishermen has torn off from coast. The crew of the ice breaker a board has propped up an ice floe that it did not drift. Under the specified data, the separation of an ice floe from coast has not occurred to fishermen. The width of an ice field in a scene makes about 300 metres.

and victims are not present Victims. On a place brigades of the CTR of medicine of accidents are on duty. Medical aid is not required. Persons of fishermen are established by police officers, the Ministry of Emergency Measures marks.

last Sunday, on November, 13th, on the Kuibyshev water basin of village nearby Atabaevo in Laishevsky area on a drifting ice floe almost in kilometre from coast there were 202 fishermen. 4 rescue of people suffering affliction it has been involved four tows, three helicopters, 62 persons, 18 units of technics were involved in salvage operations and plavsredstv. The republic budget the first deputy of premieres - the minister of Tatarstan has incurred considerable costs, and, the chairman of the commission on the prevention and liquidation CHS and to maintenance of fire security has suggested to collect Ravil Murat from fishermen of an expense for their rescue.

According to GUMCHS across Tatarstan, every year during the period ledostava sharp splash in incidents on the water, people frequently connected with  destruction is marked.