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Vasilev and Osipov: dancers in search of freedom

It is possible to blame tough policy of the new art director of the Bolshoi theatre what Natalia Osipov and Ivan Vasilev unexpectedly have left in Mihajlovsky ballet?

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In the end of last week the ballet world has been stunned by news: two main stars of the Bolshoi theatre Natalia Osipov and Ivan Vasilev have run away in Mihajlovsky ballet in St.-Petersburg. All the question interested: Y Osipov and Vasilev (vigorous pair both on a scene, and behind side scenes) have decided to refuse from Big – with all its resources and prestige – in advantage not so large and known Mihajlovsky.

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they have explained to the Public an act desire of wider repertoire and bolshej creative freedom. Vasilev, in particular, complains of employment in a limited number of roles. But it, maybe, not all history. Certainly, Mihajlovsky it has decided to be modernised, recently having appointed the art director of Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato (Na˝ho Duato) it is entrusted to them to add more modern WRK in its repertoire.

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But for last decade Big 2 worked wonders, trying to leave from the reputation of the Soviet dinosaur and having filled up repertoire with author`s WRK of extremely endowed choreographer Alexey Ratmansky, and also involving 2 WRK of people from outside, such as Tvajla Tarp and Christopher Uildon (Twyla Tharp & and ˝hristopher Wheeldon), and having invited Wayne MakGregora (Wayne M˝Gregor) 4 statement in a season of 2013 of the new version " Spring sacred ".

Creative freedom to which, most likely, would like Osipovoj and Vasilevu, should so much within the limits of present repertoire, how much in possibility travel. When Sergey Filin has been appointed by the new art director of the Bolshoi theatre in the beginning of this year, he declared the intention to limit to the basic dancers quantity of guest performances W foreign troupes. It, should be, was badly reflected on Osipovoj and Vasileve, ESP after that summer when they not only have RCVed criticism favourable mentions, having represented itself as visitors W Ameri˝an Ballet Theatre, but also solved problems of training and performance in " Romeo and Juliette " Eshtona (Ashton) in LDN ABT what they have shared with me.

Considering that the Mihajlovsky theatre cajoled this pair within a year, it would be interesting to know, than conditions of their contracts in Moscow and St.-Petersburg differ. For certain, however, clearly that the question zapoluchenija will render star dancers more and more influence on the companies worldwide. On a twist of fate the Bolshoi theatre just in last MTH zaimel an own main star, the former first dancer Ameri˝an Ballet Theatre David Holberga (David Hallberg) which all expected to C one of partners Osipovoj on the Moscow scene.

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As the Internet helps to open the dance world, both executors, and admirers learn all ABT the one who else is and where is better. Dancers want to test in different roles and on the increasing quantity of scenes; Public wants to C alive executors ABT whom they have read or whom looked on YouTube. All are satisfied equally ever less with that is accessible at home.