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the Window to Mars that pripodzakroetsja, pripodotkroetsja

the Astronomical window 4 flight " a Fobos - the Ground " 2 Mars it was actually closed, believe sources in it is rocket - space branch. The station still can fly by by the Red Planet, but execute all plan of expedition W landing to a Fobos and returning to the Earth it will not be possible.

Windows are closed, the following stop – 2014

In the nearest future possibility 4 start " a Fobos " 2 Mars it will be missed. For past W/ O small two weeks of any distinct back coupling from the device to RCV and it was not possible, positive dynamics in a question of restoration of controllability it is not observed.

" a Fobos " it is formally possible to consider " live " The device (considering that it, judging by the supervision data, holds an orbit and it is focused on the Sun), but from the practical POV it is lost.

It is known that the starting window of 2011 4 expeditions to Mars lasts within November - December. First, even before start, as extreme date of leaving " a Fobos - the Ground " 2 Mars day on November, 21st (and anonymous sources continue to adhere to this treatment in it is rocket - space branch) was called.

However on November, 14th the head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkin has officially sounded other opinion on this bill. As he said, last chances to rescue expedition " a Fobos - the Ground " will thaw in " the first of December " – together with window closing.

But " a Fobos " continues to ignore stoically signals from the Earth (as, actually, and its designers in a basic orbit &ndash learnt to behave; External control there is not provided). It means that, most likely, the station already will not depart anywhere, and to its heir (if on it there will be one more billion roubles in the state budget fairly overloaded with social obligations and defensive purchases) the nearest possibility to repeat attempt only at the very beginning of 2014 will be presented.

to Whom it is opened, to whom it is closed

Strictly speaking, a Martian window of 2011 still openly. So, for example, the American station MSL (Mars S˝ien˝e Laboratory) which in the end of this week should leave 2 Mars W a mars rover ˝uriosity onboard, has a starting window between November, 25th and on December, 18th.

At devices flight programs in vicinities of Mars (connected with necessity to leave 2 a Fobos on an optimum trajectory) differ. Besides, at definition of an admissible window the role and a starting orbit which should co-ordinate W the future trajectory of flight plays. " a Fobos " the window has developed, rotating in a basic orbit, Americans are in the beginning of an admissible interval.

Americans, apparently, have managed to break on a boundary of centuries mythical " a Martian damnation ". IAC, among missions of the end 90 - h and the beginnings ESP 2000 - h years (for the first time delivered to a surface of the Red Planet mars rovers) the percent of the successful enterprises favourably differed from traditional " mora " among Martian automatic stations of former years (that Soviet " Marsov " that American " Marinerov ") .

In Russia W Martian programs all while is not so Gud, to be exact – worse than ever. Failures domestic " marsonavtiki " have begun still in the end of 1980 - h two failures AMS " a Fobos - 1 " and " a Fobos - 2 " have proceeded accident on start AMS " Mars - 96 " in 1996, and here now were embodied and in " a Fobos - the Ground ".

Against total beskormitsy 90 - h years and personnel degradation of the beginning 2000 - h years indicators at scientifically - a technical direction, frankly speaking, not the most Gud. As sets an example last years, one only injections of money any more do not solve a problem of restoration of branch and stabilisation of quality of WRK.

System crisis of domestic astronautics has come so far that the complex and long actions connected with reorganisation at least of an education system and management already are required. In this sense one money a following window 2 Mars to open any more it will not be possible.

Flying by by 2018

In 2018 the Earth the favourable opposition W Mars (passage of planets on the minimum distance from each other) W8. The MOM of favourable oppositions (they occur time in 15 or 17 years) are considered as the most convenient starting windows 4 start of piloted expeditions – 4 possible bolshego reductions of time a finding of crew under the influence of space radiation during flight.

So, the experiment which has come to the end recently " Mars - 500 " Simulating piloted flight 2 the Red Planet, just also was spent on the data of a starting window of 2018. " having started " from a terrestrial basic orbit on October, 10th, 2017, ship crew on September, 29th, 2018 " left " into an orbit Mars, and " has returned " BWD on October, 10th, 2019.

However, the Earth obviously is not ready to use this window 4 a parcel of cosmonauts to Mars – technologically, financially leading powers will not pull such expedition. As at present scientific and engineering level there are many doubts in ability to protect crew from space radiation.

And here following opposition – in 2035 – it is seriously considered by Americans as the convenient distant purpose on which it is possible to focus development of the astronautics. Having refused at Obama immediate returning to the Moon, intoned before George Bush as a strategic reference point, the USA have put a lath further away.

On the one hand, such mission as required to refuse easier: flight repetition on the Moon on new matelah and technologies nevertheless is less difficult, than two-year expedition to Solar system.

OTOH, under characteristic problems of such project it is possible to put search scientifically - research and it is skilled - design workings out which are capable to give weight of new technologies on an exit. Even if expeditions as a result will not take place, and the Martian window of 2035 will be closed the same as also previous.