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not State CTRs of treatment of a narcotism in the Russian Federation in a deplorable state

Moscow, 21 aching - News. not State CTRs of rehabilitation of addicts abide in Russia in a deplorable state and need serious financial support from the federal and regional authorities, the head of Federal Agency of control over drug trafficking Victor Ivans has declared.

past week Ivanov have visited W a working trip of the USA. In Chicago he has visited the CTR of family treatment of a narcotism under the name " Hejmarket " - one of the largest CTRs on rehabilitation through which annually pass 16 thousand addicts. Though " Hejmarket " and the non-governmental organisation, it RCVs monetary grants both from the federal government of the USA, and from administration of Chicago and the district authorities of the State of Illinois.

" The problem which faces us in Russia, consists in maintenance of the corresponding CTRs and establishments conditions that they were engaged in high-grade rehabilitation. And it already a question demanding serious support from the party and the state, and our regions. That network of the CTRs which are 2DAY in Russia, is in pitiable enough status, and support by monetary grants " is necessary to them; - has declared Ivans in interview " to the Russian newspaper " which will be published on Tuesday.

Ivanov has noticed that in the USA and in Russia the rehabilitation CTRs on " operate; to early revealing of narcoconsumers ". He has suggested to refuse small penalties 4 addicts as it does not bring disposal of dependence, and to put narcoconsumers B4 a choice - either serious punishment, or voluntary desire to pass a course of clearing of dependence. Severe punishment will lead to that in 100 percent of cases people will choose treatment.

" That`s it such practice is carried out in the USA, and also in the European countries. Earlier I got acquainted with it in France and in Sweden. And, it is necessary to tell, it operates irreproachably " - has underlined Ivans.