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Minzdravsotsrazvitija Moscow suggests to improve collective contracts

, 22 aching - News. Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia has prepared the bill directed on perfection collectively - negotiating process between employers and workers, has informed on Tuesday a press - department service.

the Offered bill enters the changes, concerning regional, branch, territolnyh agreements, the collective agreements which conclusion contributes in increase of efficiency of protection of the labour law and interests of workers. The Russian tripartite commission on regulation socially - labour relations has countenanced the offered project of the federal law on November, 21st.

According to department, in the Russian Federation 60 branch agreements of social partnership, prisoners at federal level operate. Action of agreements extends on 75 % of the organisations operating in electric power industry, oil extracting and oil refining, is mountain - a metallurgical complex, mechanical engineering, building, transport and communication, a forestry where works more than 46 million workers that makes about 62 % from number occupied in the Russian Federation. Besides, now in the Russian Federation it is concluded more than 233,3 thousand collective agreements. The quantity of the collective agreements which have passed notifying check in, as a whole across the Russian Federation makes 206 thousand. By collective agreements it is captured 27,9 million person that makes 63 % from an aggregate number of the workers occupied in real sector of economy.

Zakonoproekt Minzdravsotsrazvitija Rossii specifies the maintenance of agreements; establishes a deadline of working out of agreements; specifies, what bodies register agreements; Explains, what associations of employers can carry out functions of conducting collective negotiations in case of absence at corresponding level of system of social partnership of branch (interbranch) associations of employers.

agreements of mutual obligations of the parties, according to offered changes, should join questions of payment, social guarantees and indemnifications, work and rest modes, employment, conditions of liberation of workers, improvement of conditions and a labour safety, development of social partnership. Thus agreement positions can contain the obligations establishing 4 workers side benefits and advantages, exceeding established by the labour legislation and other standard legal certificates, mark in Minzdravsotsrazvitija Russia.

the norm that at nedostizhenii the consent between the parties by separate positions of the agreement during six MTH from the date of the beginning of collective negotiations of the party should sign the agreement on the co-ordinated conditions W simultaneous drawing up of the report of disagreements 2 is entered.

the Branch (interbranch) agreements concluded at federal level of social partnership, multi-region, regional agreements should be registered the federal enforcement authority which is carrying out functions on control and supervision in sphere of work, territolnye agreements and collective agreements - local governments of municipal area (city district), have informed in department.