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Lauruses has explained events in Africa desire of the West to return influence

Head Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov does not exclude that latest developments speak the Near East pressing forward of the West to compensate influence loss in economy and the finance.

" If to SPK about an event essence, ABT geopolitical sense of an event I do not exclude that deep economic processes which displace the centre of gravity of development of the world from its western part in other regions, first of all, Asian - Pacific region which is accompanied by occurrence of the new powerful CTRs of economic growth, such as China, India, Brazil, I hope, as Russia will join them more actively, all it involves the increased economic power in a context of many poles " - has told Lauruses on Tuesday during working visit to Moldova.

As he said, W economic and financial power political influence W which it is necessary to be considered comes.

" Likely, in the West it seems to someone that it is very negative tendency... And, maybe, that we now observe in the Near East is a pressing forward adventurous actions, provocative actions to compensate loss of positions in world economy and the finance " - the Russian minister has noted.

the Situation in the Near East and in the North Africa has become complicated in the end of the last year. In December in Tunis mass protest actions which have outgrown in collisions with police have flashed and have led to death of an order of 300 persons. In the middle of January, 2011 the president ben Ali, having lost control over a situation, has left the country. It is considered, what exactly its flight has presented hope to supporters of reforms not only in Tunis, but also in other Arabian countries.

After Tunis opposition protests have flashed in Egypt where have led to resignation of president Hosny Mubarak. In February FU have flashed in Libya and have soon outgrown in the armed opposition between the authorities and opponents of a mode Muamara Kaddafi which have caused military intervention of the countries of the NATO and ádestruction of the Libyan leader. Protest actions have passed 2 in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria. In last two countries the situation remains difficult to the present day.

the West demands resignation of the president of Syria Bashara Asada in connection with suppression of mass protests. Russia opposes intimidations of Syria by sanctions, considering that it is impossible to repeat " the Libyan scenario " when in Libya with the permission of UNSF there have been begun the military operations which were beyond problems on the termination of violence and protection of the population.