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FT: Venizelos became the worst Minister of Finance of Europe in 2011

to Vitse - the prime minister and the head of the Ministry of Finance of Greece Evangelos Venizelos became the worst Minister of Finance of Europe in 2011, writes British Finan˝ial Times.

the Newspaper already in the sixth time has published the rating of Ministers of Finance of Europe on Wednesday. Venizelos, the held fast in June, has RCVed the last 19 - e a place on such indicators, as the general estimation of activity, economic results and degree of trust which is called by the minister. Only on political indicators of Venizelos has reached B4 penultimate 18 - go places.

Greece has accepted strict measures of reduction of expenses, but could not collect enough taxes and as a result during the current year will exceed the indicators of budgetary deficiency co-ordinated with EU on 1,5 - 2 percentage points of gross national product, predicts FT. The Greek authorities declare that deficiency during the current year will make about 9 % of gross national product against 7,3 % of gross national product planned initially.

" Being vigorous and ambitious (though about it SPK that he does not LUV a detail and in particular figures), Evangelos Venizelos, nevertheless, has not managed to realise in this MTH the plan to replace prime minister Jorgosa Papandreu on its fast " - the newspaper writes.

Venizelos denies that tried to displace Papandreu who has retired, having opened road to the coalition government led by Lukasom Papadimosom.

the First place in rating FT was occupied with the head of the Ministry of Finance of Sweden Anders Borg who, according to the edition, has achieved serious successes in national economy and has put forward a number of the important initiatives which are falling outside the limits Sweden which is not a member of an eurozone. The second place was occupied with the Minister of Finance of Germany Wolfgang Shojble, one of architects of decisions who are accepted by leaders of an eurozone 4 struggle against crisis of a sovereign debt.