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Zubkov: manufacture of hothouse vegetables 2 2020 g will increase in 3,5 times

the VILLAGE BZHEDUHOVSKY (Krasnodar territory), 23 aching - News. Russia by 2020 plans to increase manufacture of vegetables of the closed ground in 3,5 times and to finish their consumption to 12 kgs on the person in a year against today`s 3,5 kgs, has informed on Wednesday the first vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov.

" In 2012 in the Russian Federation the program on development of vegetable growing of the protected ground which provides increase in manufacture of vegetables in hothouses by 2020 in 3,5 times and an exit on consumption of 12 kgs of these vegetables on the person in a year that corresponds to medical norms " will start to be realised; - Zubkov who has taken part in industrial start-up of the first stage of a hothouse complex in Belorechensky area of Krasnodar territory has declared.

As he said, on realisation of the program calculated on 2012 - 2020, it is planned to direct 40 billion roubles.

the Program provides increase in manufacture of vegetables of the closed ground from present 500 thousand B4 1,7 million tons in 2020, growth of the areas of winter hothouses in 2,6 times - from 1,8 thousand B4 4,7 thousand hectares.

the Project on creation in Krasnodar territory a large hothouse complex realises Open Company " Vegetables of Krasnodar territory " with the assistance of the state Open Society " Rosagrolizing ". Its total cost makes 2,5 billion roubles. Capacity of the first stage is calculated on manufacture of 6 thousand tons of vegetables in a year. Its area makes 10,5 hectares. Start-up of all complex consisting of three Q, will allow to make 18 thousand tons of cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper and an eggplant in a year. The total area will make 33 hectares.

As the general director of Open Company " has informed; Vegetables of Krasnodar territory " Alexey Semin, input of two other Q is possible a turn year. " we have the boiler and other infrastructure calculated already on three Q, now them as a tetris, it is possible to mould " - he has told.

" This very big business, basically it is inexpensive, reliable and effective, - Zubkov has declared. - but let`s such complexes build not only in Krasnodar territory, but also in other areas of the south ".

" Give, for example, in the Volgograd region such complex on 33 hectares we will construct, we such sofinansirovanie will organise " - the first has told vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation, being converted 2 head " Rosagrolizinga " to Valery Nazarov. Especially, he has added that in area there is begun gasification.

" you gas there distances, now it is possible to build also winter hothouses " - Semin has agreed.

Thus Zubkov has noticed that now " Rosagrolizing " has essentially expanded a field of activity. " it not only delivers technics, the equipment and breeding cattle, but goes further, is engaged in hothouses, storehouses, say, to that is now very demanded " - has declared the first vitse - the prime minister.

the French company Rishel became the Basic supplier of the equipment 4 the first stage of a hothouse complex. In the second and third Q the preference will be given the domestic equipment. As a result of its localisation will exceed 50 % that will allow to apply the mechanism of federal leasing (equipment granting under the preferential rate in 2 %).

the First stage is realised on a basis investitsionno - commercial leasing (at the expense of the involved means). A project Time of recovery of outlay - five years.