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the Exit of the Russian Federation from the contract on SNV will begin race of arms, the expert

Moscow considers, 23 aching - News. the Exit of Russia from the contract on SNV will be an exclusive measure in negotiations on EvroPRO and can become the beginning of a new coil of race of arms in the world, the member of presidium of Social council has declared on Wednesday of News at the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, the editor-in-chief of magazine " National defence " Igor Korotchenko.

the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday has reminded that Russia in the right to leave the contract on SNV in connection with a situation which has developed round system of the ABM of the countries of the NATO in Europe.

" It is exclusive military - a political step on which Russia in case of force majeure can go. Actually, it is extreme measures which will be realised in the latest Q. From the practical POV, it will mean the beginning of a new coil of race of arms in the world " - considers Korotchenko.

Russia and the NATO have agreed to co-operate under the project of EvroPRO at the summit in November, 2010 in Lisbon, however negotiations were at a deadlock from - for refusal of the USA to give legal guarantees nenapravlennosti developed system against the Russian forces of restraint.

the New contract ABT SNV, come into force on February, 5th, 2011, obliges Russia and the USA to reduce and limit quantity of the developed and not developed strategic offensive arms to the co-ordinated total quantities. Since April, 6th, 2011, in the Russian Federation and the USA inspections under the new agreement can be spent.

Within the limits of the contract ABT SNV in legally obliging form the interrelation between strategic offensive and strategic defensive arms is fixed. Besides, at its signing the Russian side has acted with the special statement for possibility of an exit of the Russian Federation from the contract if scales of system of antimissile defence of the USA create threat to the Russian national interests.