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Russia does not leave the contract on liquidation RSMD, Rogozin

Moscow has declared, 23 aching - News. Russia does not plan to leave the contract on liquidation of rockets of AVG and smaller range, the measures sounded by president Medvedev, enough, the constant representative of the Russian Federation at the NATO Dmitry Rogozin has declared.

the Termless contract on liquidation of rockets of AVG and smaller range (RSMD) has been signed on December, 7th, 1987 in Washington by Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan. Participants of the contract were obliged not to make, not to test and not to develop ballistic and cruise missiles of land basing of AVG and small range.

" the Set of those measures which have been sounded by the president of the Russian Federation, ischerpyvajushch. It includes all that is necessary 4 the guaranteed overcoming and suppression of means of the ABM in case their orientation will be against strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation " - Rogozin on Wednesday on a press - conferences in Moscow has told.

According to Rogozin, " if the president of the Russian Federation has considered necessary to tell something about rockets of small and AVG range, it would make it ".

Russia and the NATO have agreed to co-operate under the project of EvroPRO at the summit in November, 2010 in Lisbon, however negotiations were at a deadlock from - for refusal of the USA to give legal guarantees nenapravlennosti developed system against the Russian forces of restraint. On Wednesday Medvedev has announced a series of measures military - technical and diplomatic character with which Russia will respond to expansion of system of antimissile defence in Europe.