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Judicial authorities of Iran do not hurry to release the American tourists

In the statement of judicial authorities of Iran, published on September, 14th, is said that « the justice yet has not finished » consideration of inquiry of lawyers of Bauer and Fattala about their clearing on the security. In the statement also it is underlined that the judicial system will be a unique official source of the information on the given case.

This statement has appeared already after mass-media have extended interview of the president of Iran Mahmuda Ahmadinezhada of American broadcasting company NBC in whom has declared that the American tourists Shejn Bauer and Dzhosh Fattal will be released « in the nearest couple of days » on « to humanitarian reasons ».

Bauer, Fattal and the third American tourist - Sarai Shraud - have been detained by the Iranian boundary protection in 2009 when they have casually crossed unmarked border between Iraq and Iran. Two young men have been sentenced to 8 years of prison. The Iranian authorities have released Shraud one year ago on bail in 500 tys dollars. For Bauer`s clearing and Fattala Ahmadinezhad « has requested » also on 500 tys dollars for everyone.