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There was a fourth year of war...

on a cover of an old school writing-book it is written: « Short history of fights 328 OSRR 249 ESKD from September, 17th till November, 24th, 1944 ». This history is told by accurate handwriting on 14 sheets in a ruler. Diary continuation - in the second same writing-book.

Speech goes to them about fighting everyday life 328 - j a separate reconnaissance company 249 - j Estonian shooting division. Though the diary similar to the report, is sustained in dryish style, it is the unique document: in it details of war which anywhere any more you will not find are told.

these Writing-books to me were passed by the inhabitant of Tallinn of Cornelius Suu. They belonged to its late husband Peeteru Suu. He ministered in 328 - j to a reconnaissance company and too is mentioned in records. And kept a diary, by words Corneliuses, the senior sergeant Vladimir Vaks. « it was one of the most formed people in a company, - has told Cornelius. - After war of Shoe-polishes of veins in Kandalaksha Murmansk area also came to us on a visit then has left writing-books, considering that time speech in them about division of the Estonian case should be in Estonia ».

Peeter Suu was born and has grown in Estonian village in Abkhazia. After school it has entered the Minsk legal institute, whence the beginnings right after of war have called up for military service it, in tankmen. In the Estonian shooting case the young officer ministered already in investigation.

About actions of scouts also narrates a diary of its fighting companion.

Investigation beat out fascists

«. On September, 12th the company has arrived in r - n Ahja and has stopped in 3 km downstream the river of Ahja, considering from the bridge at volost board. Four days have been used for reduction of the weapon and equipment in alertness, and also for a bath. Explanatory work about forthcoming fighting problems in territory of the Soviet Estonia, and how the scout with local population (investigation both army, and political, an explanation of the purposes of the Soviet power in the released territory, revealing of enemy elements should behave) has been spent. All staff aspired to engage more likely probably for clearing of native Estonia (...) On September, 17th the company forced lost-free the river of Emajygi and left by the evening to village Selguze. This day operated RP (reconnaissance party - a comment red. )   the item of sergeant Slavin in kolich. 10 persons, sent in area Mjakaste on purpose to establish ways of a withdrawal of forces of the opponent and to provide passage 921 joint ventures (a shooting regiment - a comment red. ). RP a problem has executed. During operation in Mjakaste the group pr has been disseminated - ka, the item sergeant Slavin who has captured German unter - the officer thus has especially caused a stir. Unter - the officer has tried to take cover in the house and has closed behind itself a door. Two turns from the automatic machine Slavin has forced the fascist to open a door and to surrender in a captivity. The German has appeared the experienced fascist, the gentleman of the Iron cross (...)

Regimental investigation 249 - j a shooting division of the Estonian shooting case.
a photo of 1944.

on September, 19th RP the item of sergeant Slavin in kol. 6 persons (...) On settlement Kynnu suburb has found out 2 average German tanks. Scouts it is reserved have approached on a short distance to tanks and have opened fire from automatic machines on viewing cracks, having started also pomegranates. Tanks have left and have got stuck in a bog. Soldiers of the opponent tried to seek safety in flight, but have been destroyed by automatic fire. Then Slavin`s group has examined village and has occupied it. After a while 4 German platform soles have rushed into village. Scouts have thrown platform soles pomegranates and have forced to show a clean pair of heels. The group kept Kynnu to the approach of parts 921 joint ventures.

this day the remained structure of a company on all possible means of transportation (passing motor vehicles, tanks, bicycles) has moved ahead and left by the evening in settlement Kilbavere.

on September, 20th the reconnaissance company platoon under command of captain Kelberga has received the task to conduct investigation in a direction of Vassivere - Laekvere. Having used the guide – The local resident, scouts have passed directly through wood, having reduced road to 10 km, and leaving to Laekvere, with the first of our coming parts have occupied it in 13. 00. In Laekvere it has been grasped: 2 guns, 1 machine gun, 15 rifles, 4 warehouses with gasoline, ammunition, grain and the foodstuffs, 6 fascist flags, 1 portable radio set, 2 radio sets, 1 automobile car, office-work and lists of volost management. RP kept warehouses to the approach of our parts (...) In this operation has caused a stir komsorg 1 - go a platoon serzh. Markelov who the first has found out warehouses, has grasped 10 captured and kept all objects to the approach of a kernel of a company (...)

Us met as native

on September, 21st in the morning ml group. lejt. Salma in kol. 17 persons has been thrown out by car AHCH in r - n the item of Tamsalu, having a problem to find out withdrawal ways pr - ka and, having arranged an ambush on its communications, to prevent a withdrawal. The group has executed a problem perfectly. In the evening 21. 09. RP has found out to the north of the item of Tamsalu a wagon train pr - ka from 40 vehicles and, having organised an ambush, has crushed it, a part having destroyed, a part having disseminated pr - ka. Further the group has grasped the item of Nymmkjula (...) Within 2 hours, with 21. 30 to 23. 30, the group has made three touches on passing columns pr - ka in size to a company. In the fierce night fight passing in hand-to-hand fights, ml group. lejt. Salma has crushed 3 columns of the opponent, perfectly applying grenade cup discharges and all power of automatic fire, and also a suddenness element in well organised ambush. Pr - to has left in the field of fight more than 150 corpses, 22 fascists have surrendered in a captivity, the others have run up (...) Our losses: 2 wounded men, to - ts Summer and efr. Lejdo. Both fought bravely and from a battlefield have not left wound. Lejdo in this fight has saved life of Summeru (...) In this fight with superior forces pr - ka excellent fighting training (reserve and precipitancy of an attack, powerful fire, the superiority in hand-to-hand fight) was especially brightly showed. The same day the group of bicyclists of 9 people operated in a direction of Tamsalu - Kojgi and has supplied the valuable information on a withdrawal of the main forces pr - ka on Pjarnu, having grasped 9 captured (...)

on September, 22nd group lejt. Suu, 23 people, has been thrown out by car AHCH in r - n Alavere, whence has begun prosecution pr - ka in a direction of the item of Kehra. Having used the guide of the scout, the local resident of the item serzh. Vilbiksa, the group wood quickly left to Kehra and has grasped it. Explosion of the big railway bridge mined by Germans has been thus prevented. The bridge has cleared of mines serzh. Palmist. The group has grasped in Kehra 2 big warehouses (trains) with bread and ammunition, kept them, despite attempt pr - ka to beat off warehouses, and has passed perfectly safe under the certificate to local authorities. The group has contacted with local guerrillas over whom seaman Baltflota (a surname supervised is unknown). In Kehra the meeting organised lejt has taken place. Suu where than 1500 people, and lejt have gathered more. Suu has instructed in an establishment of the Soviet power in Kehra. To the scouts who have released Kehra, local population has rendered an enthusiastic reception (...)

41 day prior to Victory

24. 09. In 00. 30 grupa lejt. Suu has found out in r - not Palamulla group of flight structure of Germans and Estonians. In spite of the fact that the opponent was three times stronger, lejt. Suu has decided to attack it and it is masterful has carried out operation (...) the Opponent has left in the field of fight of 60 corpses, 11 fascists have surrendered in a captivity. Our losses: 4 wounded men (...)

the Diary of the front scout, the senior sergeant Vladimir Vaksa.
a photo: Andrey BABIN

28. 09. In 1. 45 group of captain Kelberga, 11 people, under personal instructions komdiva has gone on reconnaissance on severo - vostochn. An extremity of island the Fly. In the sea was 6 - a mark storm. Despite it, the group has successfully overcome passage Suur - Vjajn and has landed in r - not d. Lalli. Group serzh. Pukka has explored, then the company kernel has entered into village. Local residents have supplied the information that Germans on island about 400 people, and weapon emplacements (mortars, machine guns) are located in r - not by Hellamaa. After that scouts have plunged into a boat. Also it was time, since fires of the German patrol ship in the north have seemed. The way back was heavier, since the wave has amplified (...)

29. 09. In 0. 30 on about - the ml group has again gone to a fly. lejt. Salma, 14 people, (...) and the whole day long to a landing of our armies passed data on movement of forces pr - ka.

with the first boat of a landing in the sea there was a group lejt. Suu, 24 people, which the first has stuck to landing stage Kujvastu and, despite fierce fire of the opponent, dared and has quickly moved ahead (...) »

Final records in the second writing-book are dated by last dates of March, 1945. The reconnaissance company then operated already in territory of Latvia.

«... In the night from 28 for March, 29th group serzh. Pukka, 17 people, and 2 sappers conducted investigation sowing. - to the east otm. 133,1 with a problem to grasp the captured. Having cleared of mines passes to a minefield, the group was divided into 2 subgroups. The second has headed pomkomvzvoda serzh. Saliste. This group should come from back to a machine gun pr - ka. Scouts moved ahead on - plastunski. It was unexpectedly distributed three strong explosions. Marksman Gruntal and serzh. Saliste have been broken off in shreds and are mixed with the earth. The marksman of ml. serzh. Lilbok has been wounded by 9 splinters in feet and in a stomach. Both sappers were also seriously injured (...) »

before victory there was even 41 day...