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Known novosibirtsy the ruined examinations, runaways from lessons and a joke over schoolmates &hellip have returned to school

skilfully made cribs and with a crash; we All it remember even after many years after leaving school. And what from educational everyday life it was remembered to our known fellow countrymen? They have willingly agreed to tell about it.

« elektronik » Volodja Torsuev passed medical board both for itself, and for the brother

All who saw « Adventures Electronics » well remember tricks of the naughty schoolboy and its mechanical double. The child and the robot dexterously made a fool of adults, being interchanged the position. It appears, so was not only at cinema: the brothers who have executed leading roles, got up to the same and in life.

- Business was a class in the eighth. We then entered into a team, and before competitions it was required to pass prophylactic medical examination. And the brother could not be, then I have followed a two, - Vladimir Torsuev, played Electronics opens old cunning.

the Actor is assured that the stomatologist then has got to the core of it, though aloud the doctor has told nothing. And here other physicians precisely managed to be cheated.

- Within an hour I have passed all doctors two consecutive times: for itself and for Juru. To me measured both growth, and weight … As a result it has appeared that Jura on two centimetres above me and on one and a half kg is heavier. And the volume of lungs at it on litre is more, - Vladimir smiles.

Torsuevy: « Serezha Syroezhkin » it has appeared more hard, than « robot Elektronik ».
the Photo: from a film, Andrey GREBNEV`S photo

Character of the future champion were tested by madcaps from an elementary grade

At 22 - summer pauerliftera Anastasii Amelinoj so much sports titles that other Olympians can envy it. To all other the girl is the record-holder of Russia and the world! And after all could become … the teacher. Anyway, there was at it a pedagogical experience. However, absolutely small.

- In 11 - m a class we replaced teachers. There was such task: to conduct lessons at fifth-graders, - Nastja shares the school memoirs. - me have charged to conduct mathematics. I prepared, thought out any interesting problems …

the Girl very much tried to make all « on - to the adult ». But, as to spite, at its order there was very disobedient class. Yes unless could be differently - kids have seen that before them absolutely young and harmless teacher. Well how here not to try to break a lesson? But the future champion already then has appeared a tough nut.

- Called fifth-graders to a board. And when they did not carry out of the task, received corresponding estimations. As a result has put in diaries some two, - admits Anastas.

the Future champion was the diligent schoolgirl, capable to give a lesson and another.
a photo: from personal archive Anastasii Amelinoj

the Author of thrillers conjured to the teacher of physics

Peter Dikarev well-known to fans of fast driving. Its documentary films « the Credit card » and « Shoes » have literally blown up YouTube and have passed for the present road thrillers. But it now novosibirets is dear script writer and the director. And at school it was the present hooligan and the rascal.

Our local Spielberg admits that with some disciplines was not in frets. Here and with the relation exact sciences were not set. But once the chance to cause a stir &hellip has dropped out;

- the Teacher has suggested to bring any subject showing one of laws physicists. We with my friend Pashej have decided to take pieces of wood and to cut fire. I after all Dikarev, here also have taken in head to show, how there lived savages. Here just also would show effect of a friction, - it is carried away the director tells. - but when houses tried to cut a spark, it turned out nothing. Then we naskrebli from brimstone matches, poured it in an aperture on a lying board … After that business tritely is better - the smoke began to appear.

Children have repeated an artful trick and at a lesson, than have resulted the teacher in full delight. However, focus has appeared on the verge of a failure when the combustible powder has run low. But sharp-witted workmates have written off smoke disappearance on « malfunction of the mechanism » supposedly schoolmates have impaired a little it « the tool ».

Justifying the surname, the director has shown on the physicist « wild » experience.
a photo: from Peter Dikareva`s personal archive

the Participant « Houses - 2 » fed with textbooks … a house dog

This image of Timur Nuridinova – the present macho. It has already found to itself(himself) numerous fans, having appeared in a reality - show « the House - 2 ». Now the quantity vozdyhatelnits grows, when the Siberian acts in a striptease genre in city clubs. You look at this healthy fellow, and you think: it, probably, could tame a bear. And after all in school days the fellow could not discipline own dog.

- When I studied in the sixth grade, at us veins a huge St. Bernard on a nickname the Grandee. It was absolutely young, and it as it was then found out, teeth grew. As - that I come home, I look, and my pupil sits and gnaws the book. Nearby rolls four more - five shabby textbooks, - Timur remembers the dog dirty trick. – and then, where I would not hide, on what high regiments would not put textbooks, the St. Bernard found them and chewed.

Oh, also it was not easy to speak to Nuridinovu before teachers. And what to do – the pupil - that was, as a matter of fact, still absolutely the child.

- Parents had to buy new textbooks. And at me on what there were traces of teeth till now were saved, - already as about a relic, Timur speaks.

Now Timur devotes to school textbooks scenic numbers
the Photo: from Timur Nuridinova`s personal archive