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Smokers - bad lovers?


Smoking can ruin sexual health of men! Doctor Christopher Heart and its colleague Sindi Meston from the Texas University in Austin have made experiment: 65 men within eight weeks passed the program on refusal of smoking and simultaneously physicians watched indicators of their man`s health.

In the beginning and in the middle of course of treatment, and also some weeks later they invited men in laboratory and showed them an erotic film. During viewing the various psychophysiological data of participants - both level of emotional sexual excitation, and physiological was traced.

As a result of the program 20 persons have refused smoking. They had the best psychophysiological sexual indicators: The penis was firmer, peak of excitation they reached faster and faster reacted to various exciting things (films, photos), informs Reuters.

Till now was considered that smoking provokes a cancer and heart troubles. But also the risk to become the impotent man at smokers with the experience twice above. After all and pitches amaze nicotine not only lungs or a myocardium, but also blood vessels. Including what are responsible krovenapolnenie a penis during sexual excitation.

And even one smoked cigarette reduces eriktilnuju function on 30 % within three hours!