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What will be further in Moldova with scrap metal export?

the enterprise monthly verifies volumes of deliveries of metal with a management of the Moldavian metal works which are in Dnestr region. Besides, they are checked constantly by customs bodies, tax specialists and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  

Metalferos informs that for eight months has shipped to consumers more than 175,6 thousand tons of scrap metal, including almost 89 thousand – MMZ. In 2010 – 135,5 thousand tons (85,3 thousand tons), 2009 – 60,9 thousand tons which have gone on MMZ. Explanations have been given the prime minister also to help it to understand an essence of this activity and some figures.

- Metalferos – the enterprise in which the majority shareholder is the state. The enterprise works legally and effectively. For last three years to the state it is listed more than 130 million leev as taxes and dividends,   -   marks company management.

  Its management pays attention to interest of certain persons that this profit got to their companies, and voices confidence that the prime minister - the minister will protect the state interests. The company   Metalferos considers unreasonable charges that the enterprise, ostensibly, evades from taxes.  


Metalferos the right to scrap metal export possesses exclusive. The authorities have supported liberalisation of the market of metals and deprivation Metalferos of the right of monopoly. The given offer has not found support in parliament.