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Omichka Irina Zajtseva has seized more than 13 thousand roubles for holes on road

on July, 12th went on   to the foreign car on   to street Petrofactory when near the house 44 its cars forward wheels have got in   a hole on   to road. Usually in   such cases drivers with relief sigh, if the suspension bracket has escaped. And   when the car can go or there is a kind soul, ready to take you on   a tow,   - has absolutely carried. It is possible to consider, have got off light. After all frequently we conceive bad roads as a reality. And   after all often road accidents occur from - for it and   absence of signs. And   theoretically in   such case road services should bear responsibility.

Irina has thought about   it, considering the car which has broken in the middle road. The woman has reserved the wrecker, and   next day has submitted in   court on   administration of the Soviet district.

- For hollows on   To road!   - she has confidently declared to the court secretary.

On   to words of the proprietress « nissana » from - for holes the car should be repaired. For diagnostics and   repair the woman has demanded at   the officials who have not found time in time to repair road, 18 thousand roubles.

Judges have partially risen on   Irina`s party. Omichka has received 11 300 roubles of indemnification for car repair, 600 roubles   - for diagnostics, 1 500 roubles   - for an estimation of damages.

- With   the judgement the woman does not agree,   - have told to us in   a press - service of the Soviet district court.   - now it has submitted the appeal and   it wants to be overcome, that the claim all - taki have satisfied completely. A leah

Will be possible to Irina   it - becomes clear a bit later. By the way, an ill-starred hole have already rolled up. And similar affairs in   Courts consider infrequently though the Internet - forums dazzle with complaints on   bad roads.

the Name and a surname of the woman are changed.

On a note

What to do, if your car « has stumbled » on impassability:

- to call employees of traffic police for fact registration dorozhno - transport incident;

- not to touch the suffered car - let is in that kind as has got to a hole or the open hatch;

- even before arrival of inspectors try to find two - three witnesses, to write down their names and co-ordinates. As them can act and the passengers who were in the car, including relatives. It is necessary to pay attention of witnesses to the sizes of a hole, presence or absence of protections and corresponding traffic signs.