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We look after a face skin correctly c Mon Platin DSM

the Stage the first: we Wash and is cleared

Take to clear to myself for a rule a skin daily in the morning and in the evening what to remove the rests of cosmetics and a dirt which has accumulated for a day. Clearing gel Mon Platin will be ideally suited for owners of the combined or fat type of a skin. It quickly foams in palms and by easy movements is put on a face skin and necks (except for a skin round eyes). After gel watches off.

If at you a normal skin or it is inclined to dryness, it is better to use special clearing creams – for example, mineral clearing cream Mon Platin. It well delete from a skin horned parts, a dust, cosmetics, splits a grease secret and opens a time.

the Clearing cream is put on a face skin (besides except for area round eyes) in a direction of massage lines by quiet movements. Wait 3 - 4 minutes after drawing and remove it by means of the wadded napkin moistened with tonic or boiled water. Clearing procedure is recommended to be spent daily - in the morning and in the evening.

the Stage of the second: we Tone up

Tonic not only deletes the rests of clearing means, but also calms, freshens a skin, restoring kislotno - alkaline balance and gently pulling together a time.

Plus the tonic structure includes active substances which considerably strengthen a positive effect from use of other cosmetic means. Tonic is put on a face skin (except area round eyes) in a direction of massage lines by a wadded disk with a means small amount. It is important to consider a direction of massage lines of a skin to minimise its stretching.

In a line of means on face care Mon Platin there are tonics which approach for dry,   normal and   a fat skin.

the Stage the third: we Humidify

Drawing on a skin of a humidifying cream by right it is considered one of key stages

care of a face skin. Almost all day humidifying creams from the company Mon Platin   it is possible to start to use already at the age of 20 years. The skin well humidified with a day cream, saves the softness and elasticity much longer, and it will allow to avoid occurrence of early wrinkles. Besides, the cream containing ultra-violet filters, protects a skin from negative influence of beams of an ultra-violet spectrum and from many other stressful factors fatally influencing a skin.

the Humidifying cream needs to be used daily after you have well cleared and toned up a skin. To put a cream it is necessary a little, in regular intervals distributing it on the person – avoid only area round eyes. Humidifying cream Mon Platin olive, carrot, a cream milk, honey, propolis and a beer milk are applied all-type skin.

In this release we have told to you about three important stages without which any scheme of correct face care does not manage. Next time you learn, with what means is better to feed a skin that it always looked young and healthy.

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