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The vladimirskiy deputies want to give to peasants side benefits

It was a question of two laws which will be obviously turned without signing by the governor for the traditional reason: the financing mechanism is not registered in them, that is is not clear, where in the budget to find money to do much good for peasants.

the First law concerns supports of young experts which come to work to area agriculture. The young expert the citizen till 30 years is considered, having profile vocational training (any - from initial to the higher) and the concluded contract with an agricultural production is not less, than for five years.

deputies have suggested to pay extra to Such worker within two years monthly to the salary from the regional budget: on 2000 roubles - to the expert with higher education, on 1500 roubles - with an average professional, and on 800 roubles - with initial professional. Besides, at employment to the employee of an agricultural production are paid « elevating » - 50 thousand roubles to the expert with higher education and 30 thousand roubles - in other cases.

to instal the law it is planned since January, 1st, 2012. By estimation, on its embodiment it is required 2 million 840 thousand roubles. Where to take this money - deputies do not know, and even to discuss it do not want.

- At first we will pass the law, there will be account obligations, and then will already dig up resources, - has sounded at committee session.

Besides as the chairman of agrarian committee Alexander Gorshkov has added, the sum very approximate. It is calculated from the data on the young experts who have employed in agriculture last three years.

- Perhaps, and these surcharges will appear mizerom, and anybody for work will not involve, - Alexander Gorshkov has commented.

the Second law considered on committee, concerns sales of the municipal ground areas of agricultural purpose in the property to citizens and the organisations. Deputies have suggested to reduce the price of the repayment from 15 % to 3 % from cadastral cost. The reason - the present price is too high, and during the last years on a broader scale anybody at such cost does not buy the earth.

the Governor the law has not signed, as reduction of price five times will cause decrease in incomes of local budgets. Deputies assure that incomes becomes more - sites for the smaller price will start to buy, and now any interested person is not present.

the Certain logic in it is looked through, but as though area not to repeat a situation « wild privatisation » 90 - h years when factories have been given enterprising people for pennies under the same pretext - « all the same nobody takes, and so though what copeck in the budget ». To sell the state lands it is possible only once and if they when - nibud grow in the price, it not should to bite elbows.