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Hunting and fishing in British Columbia

At the expense of what the Big Vancouver strong - is firmly connected with the nature? It is surrounded by water and woody mounts, and in a city so much huge parks and greens, as some woods can envy. And still the majority of townsmen on a regular basis get out on numerous neighbouring beaches, berezhki, mountain footpaths, hills, rocks, breakages, rocks, glades, valleys and other, other. While one travel strictly on the designated footpaths, do not tear a berry - florets and leave after itself as it is necessary, only traces of boots – others prefer, having visited on the nature, to carry away home extraction.

the Photo: Marina BAJBUZ

Is a question of inveterate hunters and fishers whom in the Big Vancouver too it is a lot of. The Canadian fans of hunting for a bear, a deer or on a salmon, a trout, as well as their colleagues worldwide, go to wood and on a reservoir not empty-handed. But besides a gun or a fishing tackle, they always with itself have a licence – only with this bumazhechkoj the good hunter has the right to hit a beast which on it runs, or to get a small fish from a pond.  

Hunting on clumsy

To me who have arrived to Canada from Russia, not once was necessary to be surprised to one paradox. Likely, there is more than half of population of Globe considers Russia as the country of bears where these beasts ostensibly wander on streets that cows in village, and nobody is surprised, having met with clumsy face to face on Red Square. However for all stay in our great country I not only itself – God was merciful – never saw a bear except as in a zoo, but also not often met people who could observe this beast at liberty. And here, in British Columbia, even among townspeople hardly there will be a person who never would see traces of the bear claws on a tree stub in wood or never heard from neighbours that one of these days the bear again has completely dragged off the big bag with garbage – likely, because there children`s diapers, the bear delicacy. I do not know, a leah truth that bears have a soft corner in the heart to undoubtedly nutritious pamersam (I ask for forgiveness for a pun), but that fact that some of individuals are quite often picked garbage tanks in many places of Kokvitlama, Port Moody, Northern Vancouver and other cities of the Big Vancouver adjoining on wood – doubts does not call. But than bears ate, hunters all the same want to eat them – at least occasionally.

By the way, a bear – it not only valuable fur, but also 35 - 50 kgs of dietary meat... It if a bear – the black. And if the grizzly add third more, and lower everything because on the grizzly to hunt terribly is better. Though – tastes differ. And so, having filled up an adult bear, the hunter can jam-pack pair of freezing cases and provide a family from four persons with meat practically for all year. Mistresses bear`s flesh respect that it useful and tasty enough.

the Photo: Marina BAJBUZ

By the way, in Canada I also has tried for the first time bear`s flesh, at one such successful hunter. His wife has offered visitors a pizza with forcemeat, having asked, a leah we eat such. I at first have not caught, what exactly and when has made already pair of decent stings – there was to crawfish late, and now I, it turns out, I eat bear`s flesh. When - that this phrase sounded for me absolutely terribly – approximately as though I skzala: « Yes, I eat koshatinu! » – br - r - the river But now, thanks to life in Canada, representations about a bear at me have considerably extended. Now a bear for me – it not only Winnie - Down, the entertaining circus bicyclist or the sad clumsy inhabitant of a zoo, but also a free and dangerous wood beast, the fan of garbage and... Even meal!

By the way, on taste bear`s flesh has not seemed to me especially remarkable – there is any unusual smell and smack, but is it is possible. Though all the same a little bit it is a pity these big shaggy beasts. After all behind a grid with an electric current at top Grouse Mountain or in a Vancouver zoo they look so harmlessly and even it is lovely. Though I prefer to look at them through a grid and I do not want to check, how much they actually darlings in the wild nature.

the Iridescent trout – Not such and iridescent

This summer I could visit at opening of a fishing season around Seymour Watershed. It was action for families with children, and each interested person could absolutely free of charge, without the licence, try the forces in fishing. Even fishing tackles gave free of charge. And hearts. Perfect service – and all is gratuitous. In spite of the fact that day was crude and cold, interested persons poudit has gathered much.

Having come on a feast to the companies of several adult and two kiddies, we have decided to do all by rules: at first have walked on educational points – have learnt, whence water gets to our crane (from water basins Capilano, Seymour, Coquitlam) that it is possible to find on coast of lakes and water basins of the Big Vancouver (the ornated wedding dress and the enormous refrigerator was the most unusual finds) and as the salmon (it grows develops from 0,5 sm to semimeter, and sometimes can reach more than one and a half metres!) . Examining flight malkov in the big aquarium, it was difficult to present that these guppi for any heels of years in salty water can grow almost from me growth... Though our guide - the story-teller looked the inveterate fisherman, a leah so it was necessary to it to believe?. And on a broader scale, hard life at a salmon. It should be reconstructed from life in fresh water to life in the salty. It is a lot of at fish of enemies, and to an adult status lives a few salmons.

As often happens on different celebratory actions in Canada, interested persons could participate in a lottery, but this right needed to be earned – to pass all necessary information tents, to listen to the story of experts, as required to answer questions and to receive the press on a leaflet. It very much is pleasant to children, truth many of them so aspire to result that forget to listen, but always regularly receive the colour press on the leaflets. When all press are available, it is time to throw leaflets in bank and to expect a lottery. And in the meantime it is possible to be engaged in the most important and the most interesting – fishing! That at us was more chances to fish, organizers of a feast have let out in lake Rice a lot of a large trout. They scooped from the big tanks an iridescent trout, and that started to bang desperately a tail on water. I have approached to look at fish – the future extraction should be known by sight! But why this lapping big fish is called iridescent, remains for me unknown – to me this trout has seemed quite to itself pale... Then - that I have learnt that there was nothing to search on it of a juicy seven-colour colouring of aquarian fish, and on butts of a trout really there is an iridescent modulation – as on an oil film.

the Photo: Marina BAJBUZ

On a pier pressing in lake by a letter « P » has crowded to so much people that, appear, soon people will be built by numbers, and one fishermen will shower fishing tackles through heads of others. Not to fill up a noisy crowd of people, we have found hardly at some distance free berezhok with convenient potstupom to water and have occupied it. Most skilled of us asserted that in this silent secluded place our chances to catch a trout increase.

To us have given out on a fishing tackle. As in our group there were those who on fishing for the first time, the nice assistant has told how to fix on a hook an artificial bait how to swing the arm a fishing tackle, that not « to catch » the neighbour how to scroll the coil... Having such base representations about fishing, even the child could cope safely enough and easily with a sharp hook and all striving to get confused a scaffold. But anybody, of course, did not guarantee result. And in our group of result was not. Have not helped neither good chances, nor introduction repetition « Be caught, a small fish, big and small! » as a whole we, of course, have not bad spent time, giving each other « valuable » advice and helping to throw a fishing tackle far away – where fish will precisely want it zaglotit. But anybody has caught nothing. Few times I even saw the big big fishes – from such that let out. They (or it?) Floated literally in metre from coast, over stones on shoal, but neither an artificial bait, nor a worm live on my hook is did not want. For one I even even chased with a fishing tackle, offering it meal is closer. But it has departured...  

On mysike in the neighbourhood the Chinese group fished, and I with envy observed, how the grandfather with a happy kind pulled out from lake fish under amicable many-voiced approval of friends and native. I do not know, can, fish not too loves silence?.  

Anyway, but it was interesting employment. I have learnt to fish around so that the scaffold was not reeled up on branches of trees and a fishing-rod. And all of us have felt ourselves as the present fishermen – despite a drizzle and the hands which have grown dumb with a cold and a foot by the session end, we continued hazardously « to devour with eyes » a float, still hoping that here - here will peck! And the most interesting that both children that were with us, all - taki have appeared successful fishermen. They have not fished, but have caught... Fishing tackles! Yes, on a lottery children have won two perfect sports fishing tackles. Likely, it is a sign – that it is impossible to lose hope, and next time will necessarily peck!