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The tourists lost in a taiga in the beginning of September, it was possible to find

Still one month ago seven seaside tourists at the age from 40 till 60 years have gone to be alloyed on the mountain river Bikinu in Pozharsky area. Since then they and have not contacted, that is why relatives of the gone have sounded the alarm (Read In Primorski Krai search for seven tourists who were alloyed on the mountain river still one month ago ») . On searches of tourists rescuers have gone. District patrolled by plane An - 2. On September, 15th from air rescuers have seen the group of the people similar under descriptions on lost tourists. In the evening of next day already by helicopter Mi - 8 they have gone for people.

- It has appeared that tourists during an alloy have reached a difficult site of the river with a rapid current and thresholds. Have decided not to risk, - have told in a press - service DVRTS of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. - call they could not -   in that area does not take communication, and to the nearest settlement of settlement of the East of hundred kilometres on a taiga. Here tourists also sat out ashore in expectation of the help.

Arrived to the aid   helicopter Mi - 8 with rescuers could not sit down on river bank, therefore the lost lifted aboard the aircraft with the help lebedok.

it was necessary to Rescue also dogs who took with themselves tourists.

All company delivered in settlement the East of Krasnoarmejsky area. According to rescuers, from tourists the help of physicians was not necessary for anybody, they felt well.

to Search poterjashek it was necessary from air


Rescuers searched for the tourists alloyed on the river Bikin, flying about territory of Pozharsky area of Primorski Krai
From above also have noticed their parking
By the way, together with people two more dogs

the Photo were lost is given DVRPSO the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia