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Kladoiskatel from Udmurtiya was lost for the sake of search of gold of Yemelyan Pugacheva

on September, 17th about 22 hours on phone of uniform service of rescue the signal &ndash has arrived; under village Zuevo of Agryzsky area   Tatarstan with the earth has filled up the man. It has appeared it sarapulsky 47 - summer kladoiskatel. Under stories of colleagues on hobby, the private businessman has bought recently the metal detector and recently literally « was ill » searches of treasures.

- We some times together left on expedition, - the head of group of researchers Valery Kotov tells . – the Victim gold very interested.

On one of versions, three men have gone under village Zuevo to search for meteorite splinters, ostensibly when - that here fallen. Under other version – they searched for gold which on a legend in second half of 18 centuries here has hidden   Yemelyan Pugachev.

are were « black kopalshchiki » - the head Elabuzhsky interdistrict FROM the SOU of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation on Republic Tatarstan Konstantin Achaev informs details . - they did not have any special equipment – only shovels and buckets.

the Photo: Paul CΞΛΞΒάΕΒ.

Men have dug in the earth a funnel depth of 6 metres, in diameter in 10 - 12 metres. At the bottom of a hole one man filled buckets with the earth, its assistants lifted them upward. But during works there was an earth collapse.

- When employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have arrived into place, they have partially dug out the third, - inform in investigatory committee. - 47 - the summer inhabitant of Sarapul was lost.

to Get a body of the victim rescuers have begun on Sunday morning. During works they have found out – kladoiskateli have dug out approximately 3 metres of a ground and could strengthen them. Of 2,5 metres they dug the others without strengthening.

Upon  destruction of the archeologist - the fan now there passes dosledstvennaja check, inspectors interrogate survived kopatelej, work on a place of state of emergency.


« Meteorites there are not present, and the treasure can be »

- I collect for a long time the information on abnormal zones of Udmurtiya and the next regions.   I know many places where, on legends, meteorites fell, - the head of group of researchers « tells ; Sphere - H » from Sarapul Valery Kotov . - Never heard, that under village Zuevo when - that the meteorite fell. Most likely, kopateli searched for an exit from a cave under Zuevymi keys with which for a long time has filled up. On a legend, in this cave group Pugacheva hid. Also it is not excluded that in the filled up courses there is something valuable.


Rescuers got a body the lost 3 hours

- the rescuers who have Arrived to the place of state of emergency have found out a brush of the lost person at the very bottom of a funnel. Employees poiskovo - a life-saving service of the Udmurt Republic have started extraction of a body from a sandy ground. Complexity consisted that the ground all time was showered. It was necessary to do strengthenings. To take a body of the victim, rescuers needed 3 hours, - informs a press - secretary PSS of Udmurtiya Lilija Hazieva . - According to eyewitnesses, the man saw the day before in this area with the metal detector.