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Whom from the numerous lovers Marlene Dietrich really loved

At Marlene Dietrich in a German cinema there was one competitor – the actress and director Leni Rifenshtal. Having shot films « Triumph of will » (the name of this tape about party congress of nazis Adolf Hitler) and « has thought up; Olympia » (was considered that the Olympic Games anthemed in this picture, not so sports, and political action), that became the grandee - the lady of the Third Reich. And here Marlene was not flattered on the offer of nazis, and films with its participation in Germany have forbidden under a pretext « reprobate scenes ». In a reality official Berlin was revolted with the statement of the actress that it not begins to work with nazis, it is more than that, Dietrich also helped anti-fascists.

General George Patton ordering 3 - j the American army, has presented Marlene a pistol that it could be shot if will get to a German captivity. And it hardly has not occurred, when Germans have begun counterattack in Ardenness - last attempt vermahta to return itself the initiative in the West. Said that Marlene Zepp Dietrich`s namesake, the recent chief of bodyguard of Hitler, has appointed an award for capture of the actress. But the American command has sent on its rescue of parachutists, and they have deduced Dietrich from an environment through a minefield. In two years after war the actress has received the higher in America an award for civilians - Freedom medal that « risking life, contributed in increase of fighting spirit of parts of the American army ».

Whom from the numerous lovers Marlene Dietrich really loved? A leah truth, what women gave rise in it to the same passion, as well as men? Leah and on a broader scale it was capable of strong feelings? Daughter Dietrich who sincerely did not love the mother, assured that that needed only worship, and at all in love. But paternal in that case Dietrich has preferred to leave Germany to Hollywood, becoming there only to one among set of stars?

From time to time it lost work, depended on mood of whimsical producers and directors though in the homeland could be the first and unique. Once thieves have got into Marlene`s apartment and have carried away a diary of the actress in hope to find out all its secrets. But they have been cruelly discouraged: any revelations, Dietrich did not trust the secrets even to a paper.

« the Greatest riddle, - writes its biographer, - consisted in why she has been buried in Berlin. After 1930 Dietrich has visited Germany all some times and only on business: Searched for gone sister Elizabeth, was present on funeral of mother (and in the American military form), has made one concert tour. Marlene abhored Germans ». In Leonid Mlechina`s this film history of one of the most brilliant movie stars of the epoch.

« Marlene Dietrich. Returning is impossible » on September, 20th, 16. 30, « TV the Center ».