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In memory of the people who have been not broken by spirit

In museum of local lore the exhibition « has opened; staroobrjadchestvo as a phenomenon of Russian culture ».

In an exposition about 100 subjects — hand-written and old printing books XVII — XIX centuries, ancient icons, clothes and life subjects, the weapon.

the Exhibition is dated for an anniversary of Chelyabinsk and 333 - letiju from the date of a birth of industrialist Akinfija Demidov in which person old believers of Ural Mountains have found the intercessor and the generous benefactor.

In a book collection there are curious copies. For example, the hand-written alphabet of the beginning of the XX-th century. It copied from the textbook on which learnt to the reading and writing in XVI, XVII centuries. The book of church canticles &mdash was saved also; obihodnik. It too is written down manually, in the XIX-th century beginning. In it there are no notes on five-linear musical camps. Conservatives have not accepted the European system of a music record. Singsongs are written down by special hooks.

Exhibits for an exhibition to a museum were given Chelyabinsk old believe pomorskaja by a community, a museum of the Cossack life (settlement Sosnovka), scientific library ChelGu. A part of subjects — from Oleg Kalnina`s private collection.

Where: the Chelyabinsk regional museum of local lore (Chelyabinsk, Work street, 100).
Phone for inquiries: (351 263 - 08 - 32.
When: till September, 30th. 10. 00 — 18. 00.
the ticket — 50 rbl.