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Horoscope for tomorrow, on September, 21st

the ARIES. good day, will be in it a place and for love victories, and for happy meetings. On distant trips you are waited by success, but it is necessary to be extremely attentive in observance of security measures. You will strong have control over a management wheel increasing the success if business concerns your trade, studies, business.

the TAURUS. this day can please with a happy meeting. The essential information will arrive very much. There has come time of generalisations, search of sense, bright sincere and corporal experiences. Health will be weakened, avoid stirrings and tears. Walks on the nature is that now is necessary for you.

DIDYMUSES. It is not recommended to borrow, though to you will seem that in the material plan to you on a shoulder large loans, after all this weeks to you or will raise the salary or through the partner in marriage monetary compensation will come.

R AK. the Period threatens with a sleeplessness, owing to overfatigue and differences of mood, paternal interpersonal relations - with favourite, members of a family and children - will be in a status of extreme intensity. Keep for the plans all teeth, do not recede, despite weariness and apathy – can lose much. You will consult and will be proud of yourself and the possibilities.

the LION. You this day the silent internal happiness will own. You have made the choice and have saved it in secret from curious eyes and ears. You are ready to exploits and a gain of new vital space. All the most negative will proceed today from your distant environment, it is necessary to be careful especially of contacts to people which remember you only when something from you is required to them.

the VIRGIN. this day it is better not to communicate at all with anybody, except relatives. In love there will be no definiteness, your feelings will be subject to tests and unexpected tempting. But in office affairs the boldness and risky steps can yield good results, you will notice and will estimate - with new, strength.

SCALES. today it is better to refrain From trips, you can catch a cold on the journey. Pay attention to a food, - as though to you not to type superfluous kgs if you are inclined to completeness. The motto of today: less yes it is better. You should study carefully the slightest details, to pay attention to nuances in relations, to listen to own intuition.

the SCORPION. today you in plenty will fall into a reverie, the future will appear before you in iridescent colour. Aspirations and grandiose plans, in bolshej to a measure, will concern favourite both children. Family and related dialogue is capable to take away today with the ends many your forces and energy. Special attention will be demanded by children, having afflicted you with the unripe acts.

the SAGITTARIUS. It is better to you not to be fond of active actions today, yet time to include all engines, all your undertakings will carry a problematic nature, and you should reflect on consequences and all properly to think over. Roughnesses in the relation with darling which will carry a temporality approach.

the CAPRICORN. life this day allows to you happy chance to carry out the conceived. Use circumstance for leap to success, do not feel sorry itself, operate resolutely, persistently, on a maximum. You will be helped by keenness, advice and support of darling. Today trips are better for postponing, and walks are undesirable, possible the troubles, any negative situations.

AQUARIUS . the state of affairs both in a family, and in collective can irritate you, the pressing forward to destruction reached by you, with immediate alteration of the life in a new way will amplify. Disputed day which bears in itself emotional offences and the reviling to your vanity in sphere of personal and public relations.

FISHES. You should show extra care in sphere of the finance, monetary calculations and business offers. In monetary affairs the success will be brought by joint partner activity. This day you do not need to start serious wedded games, to fasten business acquaintances and to get expensive things. Too it is better to refuse business trips and travel.