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Phone of the mayor: hallo, to you listen

is Veronica Vasilevna from the Kirov area. Us, parents of pupils of school 121 along the street Victories, 46, the question very interests: as could accept our school when it actually does not have porch. All is around broken. School detached, therefore and it is not necessary to be engaged in it?

- I will contact today the head of city department of education,   the principal, and today in the evening we will call you and we will inform results.

- Hello, Igor Vjachesla - vovich, my name is Oleg. In trams 4 has earned Wi - Fi. And a leah is planned to start it in other routes?

- Thanks for a question. We have started since September, 1st Wi - Fi in the fourth route of a tram as experiment. proanalizi - rovali its work. Result positive. Therefore during a week since September, 19th the mobile Internet in trams of a route 5, a bit later - in trams 11 will be started.

- you are called by Olga Vladimi - is equal. This year in Perm there were many new flower beds. It is healthy. A leah will proceed this work?

- it is very pleasant that you have paid to this attention. This year in city budget it has been put an order of 78 million roubles on gardening. Next year in the budget project it is planned to increase this figure. Therefore will appear even more flower beds, rokariev, high-grade zones of rest for permjakov.

- Hello, it is the Gene - nady Dmitrievich. At us on a crossroads of streets of Ivans - skoj and Kim have already started to build 17 - the floor house. Rassto - janie from the next house - there are more 10 metres. Really it is possible to build « a window in a window »?

- I will check up the documentation on conformity to town-planning norms, I will personally understand, who authorised for building. Prompt your phone, we will inform you results of check.                          

is Evgenie Ivanovna, I live in the house along the street Sivkova, 5. Read that in Perm there will be a reconstruction of court yard and fares. We on Sivkova at many houses already have a repair. But our court yard have bypassed. Why?

- Evgenie Ivanovna, your house gets to the program of repair of interquarter fares current year. Therefore I can assure you that till November, 1st your court yard will be put in order, made journey and borders are put.  

- Natalia Petrovna disturbs. I live in the house 3 along the street Kokoulina. The matter is that at our house have arranged directly on a lawn present mini - the market. We try to interfere the second year with it. But it is ineffectual.          

- Let`s make so. In the near future to your address the head of Sverdlovsk area together with representatives of committee of the consumer market and the regional Department of Internal Affairs will leave. They will find out, a leah is the permission to trade. If it is spent illegally, corresponding measures will be taken. Leave the number. We will personally invite you to this meeting.                  


to Hold a hand on pulse

During time « a direct line » the head of Perm has personally responded to 26 calls. Basically permjaki were interested in a state of affairs in accomplishment sphere, repair of interquarter fares, sports constructions, installation of devices of the account. On some questions set by townsmen, decisions have been accepted at once, on the rests the responsible are appointed. A part of questions the mayor took under personal control. In parallel with Igor Sapko calls from permjakov were accepted by operators Call - the centre. In total on phone of the head of Perm during time « a direct line » has arrived more than 100 messages. Their mayor will study and the decision on everyone will make.

- as for the head of Perm direct dialogue with the townspeople, the built system of back coupling with inhabitants are simply necessary For me, - Igor Sapko considers . - it is important to understand, than there live people that they are stirred, what problems are prime. As a result of the analysis of references it is possible to see accurately, how much correctly we have built priorities, a leah administration divisions effectively work. And permjaki, from its part, receive answers to the questions, make offers and the remarks, concerning different spheres of city life. Such dialogue is useful both to a society, and the power.

it is important!

Phone Call - the centre of the mayor - 2 - 059 - 059. Calls are accepted daily from 8 mornings till 8 evenings, except Sunday. The information on an answering machine can be left at any time.  


Call - the centre of the mayor - the city help service - works in Perm with 2008. He helps the mayor to be well informed about the cores of city subjects, to support operative interactive communication with townspeople. For permjakov is an original navigator. Experts Call - the centre will prompt what to do in different reality situations to whom to be converted, will give the help information, will render legal aid, if necessary will help to direct inquiry to city administration or the device gordumy.      

Services Call - the centre uses more and more permjakov. If in 2008 (from May till December) has arrived 2   297 calls, per 2009 - 17   747. In 2010 townspeople were converted into help information service of 21 528 times.