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There is in a kickboxing a talent? Receive in prizes a brilliant!


Who has told, what brilliants the best friends only girls? As it has appeared strong men too not against to become owners of a jewel. However, unlike ladies sparkling jewelry do not give to them. To catch diamond, it is necessary to be overcome, literally, with many rivals. It is a question of world competitions on kickboxing World Ñup Diamond - 2011 the present brilliant became which main prize.

Competitions have passed in the end of September in Anapa. More than thousand kikbokserov from 25 countries of the world Here have gathered. For duels with the titled sportsmen prepared and saratovets Abdulaziz Kurbanov, the student of legal academy. The form has typed that is necessary, but after all only force fight not to win. Here and it is necessary to think, and with good luck will not prevent to make friends.

- it is fair, I did not think at all that business will reach a gold medal, - Abdulaziz smiles. - trained much, but the main thing for me was worthy to act, not to take off in the first circle.

the Saratov sportsman has overcome Preliminary fights easily. Has then passed one more rival. Abdulaziz Kurbanov has reached the ending, without having left chance to any of three rivals. And in a solving duel in three rounds has prevailed against the sportsman from Kazakhstan.

- the Competition was very serious, - Abdulaziz Kurbanov has noticed. - all sportsmen were very well prepared, therefore it was necessary to give all the best on the full.

competitions World Ñup Diamond - 2011 have started to be spent in Russia since last year. Possibility to arrange an annual world cup in our country has appeared thanks to efforts of the strongest kikbokserov the countries. Now this one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

All legal academy held for the future inspector - the criminalist cams.

- it is very pleasant that in native high school appreciate thy achievements, I will try to please the odnogruppnikov new victories, - the gold medallist smiles.

However, the main prize - a brilliant - Abdulazizu has not got, it have handed over to other sportsman from heavier weight category. Into all winners a stone you will not divide!

- Yes unless in a brilliant business, - is not upset with Abdulaziz. - At such competitions result - the main thing, and it at me is.

Now Kurbanov studies on a third year Is investigatory - kriminalisticheskogo institute SGJUA, after the termination is going to go to work to investigating bodies.

- It is assured, skills of self-defence will be useful to me, - Abdulaziz smiles.

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Abdulaziz Kurbanov

Was born: on April, 1st, 1993 in Dagestan.

Growth: 178 centimetres.

the Weight category: 71 kg.

Where trains: the pupil of the Saratov regional school of single combats of S. R.Ahmerova. The candidate for the master of sports on a kickboxing.

Where studies: the student 3 - go a course of SKI SGJUA.

Achievements: the double champion of Russia, silver prize-winner World Ñup Diamond - 2010, the winner of this tournament in 2011, the repeated champion of the international tournaments.