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The father having many children the Novel Zhukov will suit children`s festival

parents Having many children the Novel and Elena Zhukovs (for seven it is put marriage at spouses was born five children - Red.) Do not pass any birthday of children. Here and this year they have decided to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Elizabeth Victoria and   chetyryohletie son Nikita not only in a big way, but also with advantage for other children. The festival is organised by Zhukovs   together with the image maker and designer YUMA (JUMA).

In the festival program   - fashion display: will be presented an adult and children`s fashion line, onions from known designers.

it is convenient that who has not had time to buy a thing by a new season. Can directly make it on action in show - room. All obtained means will go on gifts for children`s homes of Moscow.

  will Participate in display and children`s Acrobatic ensemble fate - n - a beater « Positive » - under the direction of   Ekaterina Byhovsky`s choreographer, and well-known   ensemble « Fidgets » and dancing ensemble Santa Ljuchija ( Santa - Luci ») .

All of us we remember that from « Fidgets » « left » Vlad Topalov, Serej Lazarev, Nastja Zadorozhnaja, Julja Volkova and Lena Katin. The collective has acted for 18 years of existence on the main world platforms, has sung a duet with stars of the international scale and has taken part in a considerable quantity of telecasts.

For this reason organizers have decided that presence restless « Fidgets » it is necessary on action.

As in the program show of butterflies and show of soap bubbles is planned.

Any, even charitable action without music that a pie without the test. Therefore organizers have invited media persons, including known executors with children: here will be both Nikas Safronov, and Anastasia Volochkova, and Razin, Alain Vodonaeva`s Light, group a ladybird Sergey Zhukov, Alexander Ajvazov, Tatyana Vorobej, Anton Zatsepin, group the Sweet dream Tatyana Kotova, group Technology Michael Vengerov... Many of them will sing the best songs this evening. Together with them on a scene there are children …

All that is necessary for visitors - good mood (to bring with itself). The rest is applied.