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The Polish frontier guards: it is impossible To go - rubber lysovata

During week-end as has told « reader Elena, it has decided to go to Poland, in the city of Elk - to look at a beautiful old city. Transition Gusev - Goldap   did not differ a congestion of motorists, therefore Lena and her husband had a hope quickly to slip border and by the evening to come back home. Have bought the insurance, and have providently replaced fused bulbs in the car, knowing about fault-finding of the Polish frontier guards. But not here - that was.

- Our half border have passed quickly, nobody carped. To the contrary, atmosphere was friendly, - Lena tells. - on the Polish party we have got in decent in the size turn, basically consisting of cars with the Polish numbers. And when the frontier guard, at last, has carefully examined our car, has concluded: rubber « lysovata ». In addition during this moment backing bulbs were not lighted. Us have asked to leave turn and began to legalise papers on return. Thus the smile did not descend from the person of the Polish guard …

It is time to change the shoes

We have decided to specify at experts how to prepare the car for a trip through border.

In - the first, all visual signals should work for the car - headlights of near and far light, stop - signals, turn indexes. Thus colours of signals should be typical, without navorotov. And at all it is not necessary to go abroad with the broken or hurt windshield.

In - the second, it is already necessary to change the car in winter tyres. As in a case with Lena, a sentence « rubber lysovata » - not such a rarity. Already it is time to replace washers of glasses from a summer variant with the cold-resistant. Not replacement of screen wipers will be superfluous also.

In - the third, it is necessary to have the receipt on payment of obligatory insurance of a civil liability on territories of Poland and the fresh coupon of checkup of the Russian sample. Poland is guided by the international convention of traffic regulations and does not recognise the order of the Russian government about « a frost » checkup procedures for a year.

However as have explained in department of propagation of traffic police, for replacement of the coupon there is no necessity to pass anew checkup. The coupon will give out with new period of validity, taking into account a year delay. All expenses will be reduced to state duty payment in 30 roubles.  

the Russians moving across Poland on the car, should remember that they are obliged to have and show the driver`s licence, characteristics sheet and the international passport on request of proxy body.

- Kaliningradtsy can go by territory of Poland and with the driver`s licence of the Russian sample as both countries have signed the Viennese convention of traffic regulations, - the head of the Kaliningrad public organisation of protection of the rights of motorists George Rumjantsev has noted.

For drivers who use transport by proxy, it is necessary to issue the general power of attorney at the notary.  

to Agree it is useless

As well as in Russia, moving across Poland, the driver and passengers are obliged to fasten seat belts, and children till 12 years - to be in a special seat. The driver is forbidden to use during driving a mobile phone, and also antiradars.

- Frequently the Polish guards at fixing of insignificant infringement on road can manage the prevention, but at serious wrongdoings (excess of speed, unjustified crossing of a continuous strip) to agree is useless, - automobile owner Evgenie Gordienko marks. - They can even apply blocking of wheels.


Turns do not fall down even in everyday life

According to the operative person on duty of customs, loading peak on check points is expected it is necessary on a weekend. As it is surprising, but turns do not fall down and in everyday life. For example, past Monday, on October, 10th, in second half of day the barrier in Mamonovo - 2 had 50 cars, and on Wednesday in Ladushkino the turn was stretched to 100 cars. Yesterday in Bagrationovske on departure to Poland 40 cars have accumulated.