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Students have asked employees of Gosdepa of America about Afghanistan and Vikilikse

That who says that the youth has gone now uneducated, books does not read, but only beer whips yes has a good time, it was necessary to visit at a yesterday`s meeting of students with the assistant to the US State Secretary Michael Pozner and the second assistant to the state secretary Thomas Melia. Representatives of US State department have arrived to one of the Nizhniy Novgorod high schools to discuss with the Nizhniy Novgorod youth a number of important questions. Children have taken a keen interest and have thrown Mr. Pozner questions. And problems of students interested the serious: the relation of the American visitor to death of the vice-president « YUKOS » Vasily Aleksanjana, its thought about leak of the classified information to authors of Vikiliks... Have concerned both freedom of speech, and human rights. Have asked and about American « hot » points.

- I was in Afghanistan in January when president Obama has incurred obligations essentially to reduce a contingent of armies in this country by 2014, - Michael Pozner has shared with investigators. Is not that he promised three years ago, but the reality has appeared such is that delegation of power to the Afghani party has appeared not so smooth process. Plans of a withdrawal of troops have been based that in Afghanistan well prepared police, field army, the civil government will be created. But in all these directions progress very limited. There I have given a lot of time to meetings with the female organisations. And they voiced fears that if the American armies will leave too quickly and Talibs will return, women can suffer, become victims of violence, will be deprived the rights to education. It, perhaps, the most difficult problem which our country and the government faces. But we try to solve it, and to do it responsibly.

And the translator was late a little, therefore first half of conversation passed exclusively in English. It seemed to us that to argue on the global policy on a native adverb with the Nizhniy Novgorod youth g - well to Pozner very much it was pleasant …